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Energy Recovery Ventilation: Decarbonization and Building Resiliency

Energy Recovery Ventilation
What role does ventilation play in addressing global climate change? A lot, as it turns out. In the recent episode of “Indoor Air Quality And You," host Gabrielle Bejarano, Read more


Rugged Edge Computing
Rugged Edge Computing for Tough Environments Follows Shift Away from the Cloud
March 31, 2023

At ISC West 2023, Premio showcases how Rugged Edge Computing can easily stand up to the toughest industrial workloads in the harshest environments without missing a beat. Many trends are shaping the modern security market with a strong focus on rugged hardware such as smart sensors. There is a shift away from the cloud […]

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DTC brands
DTC Brands Struggle to Adapt With 2023 Consumers: Brand Trust and Flexibility is Necessary
March 31, 2023

Selling directly to the consumer buying your products can be incredibly profitable for a business, so why don’t all businesses sell directly to consumers? The simple answer is that there are many risks and challenges that come with running a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, and the risks do not always pay off. The success […]

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Voice AI
Voice AI: Changing the Sound of Restaurants and Transforming the Ordering Experience
March 31, 2023

Takeout and delivery are as much the fabric of restaurants today as a room full of diners. During the pandemic, many restaurants may not have made it out the other side without takeout and delivery services. Still, staffing shortages are a significant issue for most restaurants after the pandemic. Finding the balance between handling orders […]

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Energy Recovery Ventilation: Decarbonization and Building Resiliency
March 13, 2023

What role does ventilation play in addressing global climate change? A lot, as it turns out. In the recent episode of “Indoor Air Quality And You,” host Gabrielle Bejarano, recently spoke with Nick Agopian, VP Sales & Marketing at RenewAire LLC about how the key to countering climate change is through a three-pronged attack of […]

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How the Indestructible Molecule that is PFAS Effects the Environment
June 16, 2022

In the most recent episode of “There’s More to IT,” host Jason Claybrook discussed the widespread exposure of Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, better known as PFAS, in various aspects of everyday life. His guest was Yuran Li, the director of MS Commercial Strategies at Alternative Biomedical Solutions — a Texas based laboratory. The two talked […]

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Roof Talks: Environmental Roofs Drive Value
January 26, 2022

With an older roof or one with an expired warranty, one of the first things business owners might consider is how to replace it. “Why replace an entire roof, if you only need to recondition a small percentage of it,” said Chris Evans, Strategic Accounts Manager for Fortis Warranty. “That’s one of the ways […]

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VPP Star—Creating and Advancing a Superior EHS Culture
September 29, 2021

VPP is a federal OSHA program that promotes collaboration between OSHA and a business. With Bartell Machinery Systems, President Patrick Morocco and Head of EHS and Maintenance Michael Stoots spoke to Courtney Echerd on how this program can lead to an Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) culture within an organization. Bartell, a manufacturer of […]

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Sustainable Travel is Proving More Important Than Ever Post Pandemic
April 8, 2021

Driven by consumer desires for new experiences, innovative technologies and environmental impacts – travel is changing. Host Sarah Dandashy explores the technologies and logistics that power travel and the brands that build unforgettable experiences.   Sustainable travel has a new energy around it, as most of the world rethinks what it means to be a citizen of […]

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How Technology is Unbundling Traditional Higher Education
August 27, 2020

Tade Oyerinde joined the host of The Voices of eLearning, JW Marshall, to discuss online learning technology and the unbundling of traditional higher education.  Oyerinde is the founder and CEO of Campuswire, an online software specifically designed to meet the needs of professors and students. “COVID accelerates a trend that already existed,” noted Oyerinde. […]

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Can XR Save Themed Experiences in a Post-Pandemic World?
August 12, 2020

As reopening begins, every industry the world over is looking for ways to re-engage with customers in ways that deliver the same impactful, memorable experiences they were accustomed to before the COVID-19 pandemic began – while keeping them safe and delivering key peace of mind. In the themed entertainment industry, extended reality, or XR, solutions are […]

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Retrofitting Your Building to Go Green
January 22, 2020

Making the decision to “go green” and do your part to reduce your environmental footprint is an admirable one, but one that comes with an onslaught of questions – how will you go about it? What needs to be changed? Will it require a total upheaval? Fortunately, the answer may be simpler than you think. […]

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What Are Green-Collar Jobs, and Are They the Future?
December 26, 2019

Are green-collar jobs the future of the global workforce? With a growing focus on sustainability, more and more green-collar jobs are opening up. But what are green-collar jobs? They are generally seen as jobs that focus on environmentally conscious developments, technology, and policies as more industries increase sustainable practices. These jobs include: Environmental or biological […]

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