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VCC Honors Women in Construction During Women’s History Month

Women in construction
Women’s History Month, which kicks off each March after its official designation in 1987, is a great time to recognize the importance and value of women in the workforce. Read more


Rugged Edge Computing
Rugged Edge Computing for Tough Environments Follows Shift Away from the Cloud
March 31, 2023

At ISC West 2023, Premio showcases how Rugged Edge Computing can easily stand up to the toughest industrial workloads in the harshest environments without missing a beat. Many trends are shaping the modern security market with a strong focus on rugged hardware such as smart sensors. There is a shift away from the cloud […]

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DTC brands
DTC Brands Struggle to Adapt With 2023 Consumers: Brand Trust and Flexibility is Necessary
March 31, 2023

Selling directly to the consumer buying your products can be incredibly profitable for a business, so why don’t all businesses sell directly to consumers? The simple answer is that there are many risks and challenges that come with running a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, and the risks do not always pay off. The success […]

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Voice AI
Voice AI: Changing the Sound of Restaurants and Transforming the Ordering Experience
March 31, 2023

Takeout and delivery are as much the fabric of restaurants today as a room full of diners. During the pandemic, many restaurants may not have made it out the other side without takeout and delivery services. Still, staffing shortages are a significant issue for most restaurants after the pandemic. Finding the balance between handling orders […]

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VCC Honors Women in Construction During Women’s History Month
March 16, 2023

Women’s History Month, which kicks off each March after its official designation in 1987, is a great time to recognize the importance and value of women in the workforce. Construction is one industry striving to welcome more women into its field. As of 2020, women comprised only 9% of the construction industry. Celebrating its 35th […]

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Squared Away by SMC Squared: Understanding the BOT Model for Outsourced IT: Ecolab Digital Center’s GCC Transfer
October 27, 2022

When Fortune 500 company Ecolab, a worldwide leader in energy, water and hygiene technologies and services, found themselves with a lack of available talent to execute on big ideas they turned to experts at SMC Squared. Gabrielle Bejarano sits down with Malahar Pinnelli, VP of Technology and Managing Director at Ecolab Digital Center (EDC); Supriya […]

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How to Select, Manage and Grow a Co-Founding and Equal Partnership Relationship
August 10, 2021

For their seventh episode of Like It’s Your Job, Matt and David Shields brought on two innovators in the debt capital delivery world: Joe Beard, CEO, and Joel Radtke, President & COO, of CollateralEdge. CollateralEdge is an innovative fintech platform that provides community and regional banks with a flexible, automated risk management solution to […]

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What Are the Biggest Unknown Risks in Real Estate?
July 8, 2021

On this episode of Weaver Beyond the Numbers, Real Estate Edition, Howard Altshuler, Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate Services for Weaver and Rob Nowak, Partner, Tax Services for Weaver were joined by Andy Freundlich, Partner, Assurance Services for Weaver for a lively discussion on risk assessment and management in real estate. “This last year has been amazing […]

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E2B: Energy Industry Cybersecurity Threats In The Digital Age
April 20, 2021

Are energy companies taking cybersecurity seriously? Are they shifting focus to application security? E2B host Daniel Litwin speaks with Dan Cornell, Chief Technology Officer of the Denim Group and Kent Landrum, Managing Director at Opportune LLP, to get answers to these questions and more. Cornell begins by explaining cybersecurity challenges for the energy industry. “The energy sector […]

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Why Workplaces Have Learned to Celebrate Safety, not Dodge It
April 15, 2021

Greg Crumpton lives by a simple mantra: Relationships drive business. Each week on Straight Outta Crumpton, Crumpton dives into the lost art of networking and speaks with the biggest influencers in business services to learn how they build, nurture and value their professional relationships.   Technology might have been the most essential tool over the past year. […]

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E2B: Energy to Business: Competitive Edge: Why AI Enhances ETRM Systems
March 15, 2021

Today’s edge computing technologies assist all industries and markets, but can AI and machine learning transform energy trading and risk management? That was the question posed to three industry experts: Kent Landrum, Managing Director of Process & Technology at Opportune, Mark Swann, Director of the Process & Technology Group at Opportune, and Vincent Annunziata, […]

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E2B: Energy to Business: Why Should Energy Asset Owners Consider an ETRM System?
March 1, 2021

Will an Energy & Commodity Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) system benefit you and your company? It’s certainly possible. With their ability to capture commercial activity, measure and mitigate associated risk and calculate returned gained from commercial activities, ETRM systems are a valuable tool energy companies rely on to provide technology enablement for the […]

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Risk and Compliance Solutions for Payment Service Providers
July 21, 2020

When a payment service provider works with a customer, there are always precautions needed. Jose Caldera, Chief Products Officer, Acuant (formally IdentityMind), knows the key to mitigating risks for the payment service provider is to enable risk assessment solutions at the start of the onboarding process. Some companies operate in high-risk environments, and other […]

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