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How Technology has Empowered the Theme Park and Attractions Industry

Tornado Chasers by Dynamic Attractions
Watch below as Michael Carroll of Dynamic Attractions joins Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas to discuss some of the ways that technology is empowering and enabling the modern attractions Read more


women in the trucking industry
Opportunities for Women in the Trucking Industry
December 8, 2022

While women comprise nearly half of Canada’s workforce (47%), only three percent of women make up the number of Canadian truck drivers. While the number of women getting their commercial driver’s licenses has increased since 2010, there is a long way to go to realize the potential of women in the trucking industry. The […]

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linear and CTV
Hitting Your Consumer Through Linear and CTV
December 8, 2022

Today’s technology provides many options for those wanting to reach audiences through TV. Linear TV is no longer the only option; CTV, or connected television, continues to spread as more and more consumers cut the cord of traditional linear options and move to internet streaming content. Estimates indicate the bulk of television viewership will […]

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Queens Public Library
Essential Community Services—A Profile on the Queens Public Library
December 8, 2022

Host Ron J Stefanski is excited to bring another episode of this special DistruptED Public Library Edition series to listeners and viewers. In this second installment, Stefanski looks at Queens Public Library and the public library innovations that created an even more essential service for the New York City Borough for over 125 years, […]

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How Technology has Empowered the Theme Park and Attractions Industry
August 11, 2022

Watch below as Michael Carroll of Dynamic Attractions joins Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas to discuss some of the ways that technology is empowering and enabling the modern attractions industry.   *transcript is auto-generated*   BT: Hey, everybody, welcome back to Pro AV Today. As somebody who’s been in the industry for quite some […]

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Disney CEO Speaks on Disneyland Reopening Plans
April 29, 2021

Walt Disney Co. reopens its two California theme parks on April 30 after they were dark for more than a year, a key step in the entertainment giant’s recovery from the pandemic. CEO Bob Chapek said he’s “thrilled” with future guest reservations. Watch below for more.   “I think it’s going to create a reemergence […]

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Measuring the Full Impact of Decreased Capacity Allowances at Theme Parks
September 21, 2020

On this episode of The Suite Spot, hosts Carlos Vargas, Howard Holton and Paul Lewis dive into a topic that might seem off the beaten path – but that’s relevant to any organizational leader. By conducting some “Mickey Mouse math” about Disney’s park reopenings, the trio explored the implications of COVID-19 on one of the world’s themed entertainment juggernauts and […]

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How Theme Parks Can Embody the Innovative Focus that Drives Immersive Experiences
September 17, 2020

Theme parks are the epitome of fun and nostalgia. From your first experiences as a child to taking your own children and experiencing the magic of themed entertainment into your golden years, theme parks offer the ultimate vehicle for innovations in storytelling technology and immersive experiences that keep us all coming back for more. Even […]

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What Theme Parks Can Learn From Disney Shanghai’s Reopening
June 1, 2020

As the world begins to open up, the future of Disney and other theme parks is uncertain. In this interview the Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, chats with Disney expert Ziggy Oskwarek, of Ziggy, a Disney fanatic since childhood, began his blog about four years ago, providing insights and insider tips for those […]

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A Peak at Six Flags’ Reopening Approach Mid-Pandemic: Business Casual
May 29, 2020

Six Flags Frontier City announces planned reopening for June 5th with restrictions in place to keep guests and employees safe. As businesses continue to reopen across the country, children and adrenaline junkies alike have been eagerly anticipating the reopening of the gates at their favorite amusement parks. While Walt Disney World isn’t slated for […]

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Is it Too Soon to Say Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Failed?
August 9, 2019

Disney’s new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened to smaller crowds than expected. Does this mean it was a flop? Mike Wallace, creative director at Falcon’s Creative Group, doesn’t necessarily think so. “When we see these new attractions opening up we expect there to be lines out the gate,” he told Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern […]

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InfoComm 2019: How Storytelling and Video Games are Shaping Future Dark Rides
June 18, 2019

We live in the age of entertainment at our fingertips. Interactive games, exciting videos, and groundbreaking stories are only a click away. So how are theme parks staying competitive as an entertaining pastime and leisure activity, and how is AV playing into this immersive experience economy? Giving their perspectives are Erik Baeumlisberger, corporate manager […]

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Fusion: Theme Park AV and How ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ is Maximizing Storytelling
June 5, 2019

Theme parks have become a place where fans and guests can travel into new worlds and experience much more than just a thrilling ride. These immersive experiences are getting bigger, more detailed, and are requiring the support of innovative AV installs. As consumers come to expect more from their theme park visits, where does AV […]

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