Cinematography Tips: How to Use Additive and Reductive Lighting

Knowing how to take light away is just as important as knowing how to add it. Here’s how to use additive and reductive lighting in your setups to control your look — and your budget.

Lighting technology has changed by leaps and bounds over the last few years. In concert with the emergence of affordable digital cinema cameras and stunning low-light capability, lighting (particularly of the LED variety) has also gotten brighter, cheaper, and more accessible.

These new trends in lighting and camera technology have ushered in an entirely new world of cinematography and filmmaking. Certain looks and techniques that were once only possible with a giant 18K HMI blasting through the window are now possible with powerful LED lights like the Aputure 300D, or any of the various flexible LED panels.

The days of renting that 2,000-watt tungsten Fresnel — hoping for a super bright output only to then gel it to daylight balance and lose about 3/4ths of the brightness, while using the entire available circuit — are over.

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