This will grant nearly instant authorization to fly drones within controlled airspace of about 600 airports.

Since the FAA and local government agencies have started cracking down on recreational drone piloting, it’s been pretty hard to get out the old drone and go flying, especially if you’re wanting to get some aerial footage. In my area, there are at least a half dozen helicopter pads, and nearly as many small airports, making impossible to fly with the FAA regulation of 5 miles.

But that’s all about to change thanks to a new program.

Through LAANC, the FAA will grant instant access to recreational drone pilots to fly in controlled airspace

What is that new program?

It’s called the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability System (LAANC), and it will enable recreational drone pilots to receive authorization instantly through a mobile device, granting them permission to fly within the controlled airspace of 600 airports. That opens up an estimated 2,000 square miles of airspace for UAV operations.

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