Lisa W. Miller

President Lisa W. Miller & Associates, LLC

Lisa brings over 30 years of consumer insights and innovation experience collecting over 450,000 consumer interviews quantitatively and qualitatively. By getting to the “So What? Now What?” – the firm delivers well-integrated strategic insights and plans to unlock and activate business growth. She boldly tackles both new territories as well as turnaround businesses. A change agent that anticipates macro trends and strategically transforms companies and their capabilities. Cultivates leaders, builds high performing teams to deliver short-term and long-term results.

Bachelor of Arts - Marketing
customer-insight Customer Insight
image-1 Strategic Planning
image-9 Leadership
marketing-strategies Marketing strategy
product-innovation Product Innovation
consumer-insight Consumer Insights

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Recent Posts

Experts on Driving Holiday Sales in a Cautious Consumer Environment

In a post-pandemic landscape, more than half of consumers plan to shop in store this holiday season, Accenture found, while 31% said shopping in physical stores ‘puts them in the holiday spirit,’ according to consultancy Lisa W. Miller & Associates.

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Why Target Is Facing a $400 Million Profit Shortage

Gabrielle Bejarano - November 28, 2022

The consumer is feeling stressed, strategists are saying, and retailers should be cognizant as to why. With the holiday season fast approaching, companies would do well to reform their strategy to fit expectations.

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restaurant sales black friday

Restaurant Sales Are Up, But Foot Traffic Is Down. Why Is That?

Gabrielle Bejarano - November 23, 2022

The third quarter was a good quarter for chain restaurants. However, more sales do not necessarily translate into more customers. Lisa Miller, President, Lisa W. Miller & Associates, gives her take on why consumers and restaurant operators alike are seeing such dramatic changes in sales and traffic

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What will you do to deliver more joy this season?

Gabrielle Bejarano -

Joy is in the air for the holidays! Customers came out in droves for Black Friday and Cyber Monday which wasn't a surprise based on our #journeybacktojoy data. Always a pleasure to share the joy with Chance Seales Newsy!

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online sales

Why the True Winners of This Holiday Season Are the Consumers

Gabrielle Bejarano - December 2, 2022

Online sales were up in 2022, and this year the United States broke sales records for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consumers are continuing to spend and buy despite the coming recession that many experts are warning of.

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Black Friday 2022 Macy's

Black Friday 2022 In-Review: How Did Supply Chain Challenges and Consumer Pessimism Turn into Record Sales?

Daniel Litwin - November 30, 2022

Not only did Black Friday’s in-store foot traffic break records according to NRF, but sales numbers seem to show that Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday 2022 sales are setting records, with Cyber Monday becoming the biggest day of online sales in U.S. history. Leading up to retail’s big weekend.

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