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This is Keep Kuul from the experts at Portacool. With cooling solutions made right here in the USA, Portacool is ready to meet your cooling needs head-on, no matter the setting.


How Evaporative Cooling Affects You

Evaporative cooling intersects with just about everyone in multiple ways each day, yet many don’t recognize or know about this. Keep It Cool host Tyler Kern spoke with Cody Weeks, Sales Manager at Portacool, about the topic. “The simplest form of evaporative cooling is sweating, which we all do. It’s the reduction of temperature resulting […]

Cooling Fans Help LA Manufacturer Fight the Heat

Heat is a threat to many worksites across the country. While there’s no way to eliminate it, companies can be proactive about keeping workers safe. That’s exactly the mantra of Craig Williams, Safety and Security Manager at Omni Specialty Packaging, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of lubricants and chemicals for the automotive and industrial sectors. […]

Chillin’ at Texas Motor Speedway with Portable Cooling Solutions

  Fast cars and hot days and nights; that’s how they do it at Texas Motor Speedway. Entertainment is the name of the game, but giving guests and fans a comfortable experience is the goal, no matter the event. Steven French, Senior Director of Business Development for Texas Motor Speedway, spoke to host Tyler Kern […]

Keep Kuul: Powerful Cooling Solutions to Keep Your Employees Comfortable

  As the weather across the country shifts to the warmer seasons, Todd Waldhauser, Director of Sales at Portacool, stopped by to talk to host Tyler Kern about keeping employees cool and comfortable when that thermometer begins to rise. And, as Waldhauser reminded Kern, temperature control is a year-round concern. Even if it’s cool outside, […]

How Do Portable Cooling Solutions Handle the Heat?

Sunny South Florida is known for many things – nightlife, beaches, great food, and more – but it’s also known for some at-times-overwhelming heat and humidity. It comes with the territory, but that doesn’t always mean residents and visitors alike don’t want to keep cool. That’s why, for this episode of Keep Kuul, a Portacool […]

Adopting an Insights-Driven Approach to Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Portacool depends on insights from the market, including end-users, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. To discuss how they incorporate the market and customer voice into their brand, Keep Cool host Tyler Kern spoke with John Mays, Director of Product Management & Development. “Being insights-driven means we’re listening to what the market is […]

Keep Kuul: Maintaining Production Excellence from Assembly to Delivery

A company’s production processes must be the best to deliver best-in-class products. Joshua Sanford may be new to the Portacool family, but he knows work excellence when he sees it. Sanford, Portacool’s Manager of Production Engineering, spoke about the philosophy that helps produce quality products that serve as the cooling industry’s benchmark. The team culture […]

Keep Kuul: Developing a Customer Service-Centered Culture

It’s easy for companies to claim a commitment to culture, but how many of them actually practice and uphold their values in their day-to-day operations? And for the organizations that do, what are some ways to help ensure those values stick? Ben Wulf, the CEO of Portacool in east Texas, answers these questions and more […]