Hosted by Daniel Litwin, Ratified is a long-form radio show on the intersection of business and politics. Daniel weaves timely stories together with topical guests, highlighting workers, business leaders, business owners, policy experts, professors, activists, etc. to explain how our capital and capitols intersect, work together, or butt heads.


Understanding How Commercialization in Education Led to 2020’s AP Tests: Ratified

Ratified is a radio show hosted by Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin, exploring the intersection of business and policy in long-form fashion.   After the nation issued a national emergency on March 13, 2020, the impact on public education rushed in like a tsunami. Schools shut their doors and hustled to transition to remote education. […]

A Postmortem on Bloomberg 2020’s Marketing and Campaign Strategy: Ratified

  Ratified is a radio show hosted by Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin, exploring the intersection of business and policy in long-form fashion. On this episode of Ratified, we’re getting our feet wet with election season content. At the time of release, the Democratic presidential primary is all but settled. Barring some massive shake-up, Joe […]

What Could Happen if Film Studios Owned Their Own Theaters: Ratified

  On this episode of Ratified, MarketScale’s podcast on the intersection of policy and business, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin takes a trip back in time – and to the modern-day legal battleground emerging under President Trump’s DOJ – to examine the 1948 Paramount Decision. To get you up to speed, that 1948 decision by […]

What a Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Means for Carriers and Consumers: Ratified

  By early February, we should know whether or not the carrier industry will be left with three key players: AT&T, Verizon, and on the horizon, a merged Sprint and T-Mobile. The merger, though it’s been approved by the DOJ and the FCC, has been tied up in a lawsuit issued by state attorneys general […]

Why AV Integrators Don’t Want Electrician’s Licenses: Ratified

  This episode of Ratified is trying something new; a considerably more niche topic. Whereas the last two went a little larger in scale, hitting on gig economy legislation in California and the state of net neutrality, this episode of Ratified is a look at the nitty gritty legislative back and forth of lobbying in […]

How Open Internet Advocates and ISPs Will Bring the Net Neutrality Fight to the States: Ratified

  The fight for net neutrality is over at the federal level, at least for now. The Obama-era Open Internet Order of 2015 was repealed by Ajit Pai’s FCC and solidified after a DC circuit court of appeals’ final ruling, leaving prospects looking slim for legislation proactively regulating broadband internet. However, even with the federal […]

California’s AB 5 and the Legal Battle Ahead: Ratified

  California Assembly Bill 5 is a piece of legislation that holds massive ramifications for the gig economy, specifically rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. It was signed into law on September 18, 2019 in an attempt to limit the ability to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees of a company. Governor Gavin […]