Chase Wasson

Vice President, Precision Medicine Caris Life Sciences

Chase Wasson is an accomplished healthcare industry leader with vast experiences spanning across medical device-biopharmaceuticals-oncology diagnostics-U.S. Market Access Payor landscape. A Texas Native: Competitive #WinTheDay mentality Chase is known for spans back to his upbringing: a State Championship Quarterback at Southlake Carroll—captain/3-year starter at Texas State University: Southland Conference Champion in 2005. Pursued master’s degree in Higher Education Sports Administration while finishing his remaining NCAA eligibility at the University of Oklahoma: 2007 Big 12 Champion; concluded playing career in the 2008 BCS Fiesta Bowl prior to pursuing career in healthcare as industry partner. Passion for building-scaling corporate and personal brands: Cofounded EXO Texas in 2013 building out a national distribution network of sales channels promoting innovative protective sports technology that led to a buyout of EXO Texas distribution arm by the Parent Company Unequal Technologies. Cofounded thequarterbackranch in 2014 building an internationally respected Quarterback training brand and platform that operates out of Southlake TX. July 2021; recruited from AstraZeneca where he served 7 years as the youngest global director to currently serve as Vice President | Strategic Accounts at CARIS Life leading commercial business unit focused on revolutionizing care in the field of precision medicine (CARIS Life Sciences based out of Irving TX: responsible for the strategy and commercial oversight for the largest book of business in the organization Texas Oncology/McKesson.

Bachelor of Arts - Communication Studies/Professional Writing 2003-2007
Master of Education (MEd) - Higher Education Sports Administration/Management 2007-2008
image-9 Leadership
marketing-strategies-1 Go-to-Market Strategies
market-development Market Development
sales-promotion Sales Operations
commercials Commercialization
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