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How We Have Built a Culture of Engagement

Culture of Engagement

As companies navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, nurturing a culture of engagement has become crucial. A trend accelerated by the pandemic, this approach aims to foster an environment where employees feel heard, appreciated, and actively engaged. In the “Great Resignation” era, companies with an engaged workforce see increased retention and productivity. Transforming the […]

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AI for Creators
Harnessing AI for Creative Innovation: cutting through AI hype and misconceptions for creators
June 7, 2023

Live Broadcast 3 PM CT on 6/8   Harnessing AI for Creators: Cutting Through AI Hype and Misconceptions   Register Now   In this episode of B2B Weekly, we delve deep into the world of AI and how it is impacting creators. Gavin Purcell joins host Tim Maitland to break down the hype around AI […]

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Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees
Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees: Tips from TreeNewal
June 7, 2023

Join ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers from TreeNewal as he examines the aftermath of lightning damage on a pecan tree. In this insightful video, Wes highlights the path taken by the lightning bolt through the tree, causing superheating of the water inside. The resulting vapor expansion creates visible damage to the tree. The tree’s survival […]

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Health Plan
Transforming Coverage to Meet Healthcare Needs with SCAN Health Plan
June 7, 2023

John Petito, SVP of Transformation at SCAN Health Plan joins the podcast to share his story and how his work is helping enable new types of healthcare coverage for diverse populations. Join us to hear how Health Plans are beginning to evolve their approach to addressing the needs of older adults and the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Enabling New Services in Industrial IoT
September 27, 2019

Many machine or equipment manufacturers are looking to offer new services to their customers to enable additional revenue streams, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology provides a way to accomplish that goal. Read More at Machinedesign

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Tech Gains Making inroads in the Transportation Industry
February 17, 2018

As technology giants break into the transportation industry, savvy leaders in the truck stop and travel plaza industry will find ways to capitalize on this trend to make more money. Tesla is disrupting the industry with a new all-electric tractor that is being marketed to Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo and UPS Inc. 

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NBC Used Virtual 3D During Super Bowl Broadcast
February 5, 2018

During Super Bowl LII, NBC used virtual 3D broadcast graphic enhancements of the two QBs to keep fans up to date with how they were doing. NBC had six players do body scans before the game to make the experimental augmented reality appearances happen. “It’s been done in Europe a little bit, but I have […]

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NIH Puts New Clinical Trial Guidelines Into Effect
January 30, 2018

Researchers requesting funding for clinical trials must determine if their research meets new criteria set by new NIH guidelines. The new guidelines breaks from the traditional understanding to also  include both basic biomedical research and basic social and behavioral research. The switch has caused somewhat of a controversy, with some researchers claiming that the guidelines […]

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