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“Breaking the Pocket” Inside Warren Moon’s Unconventional Route to the NFL

warren moon game changers
  Warren Moon's play on the field is what made him an NFL legend, but his path to get there was anything but conventional. In this clip from the next episode of Game Changers with Katie Read more


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Will Ransomware Remain the Attack of Choice for Cybercriminals?
October 27, 2021
It is often said that crime doesn't pay. That might not apply to the world of cybercrime. In 2020, research from Atlas VPN found that cybercrime earned $1.5 trillion dollars in revenue. One approach to Read more
How the Supply Chain Shortage is Affecting Commercial HVAC Supply and Distribution
October 27, 2021
  “The HVAC industry right now is dealing with the same issues that virtually every other industry is facing at the moment,” Alexis said. Over the past year and a half, the pandemic caused numerous issues Read more
Weaver Beyond the Numbers Property Taxes, An Appeal to the Appeals Process
October 26, 2021
  The tax assessor’s notice isn’t always the final say on what taxpayers must remit. Companies can easily appeal these decisions with a proactive appeal strategy for their real and personal property taxes . Read more
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Health Catalyst’s Role in Healthcare Analytics in APAC
June 22, 2021
The future of the healthcare industry is increasingly being shaped by data and analytics. That’s why, for this episode of Owning the Future of Healthcare by Health Catalyst, host Read more
Applying AI and Computer Vision Technology to Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes
February 25, 2021
It is undeniable that the impact of the pandemic on students, teachers and administrators has been swift and dramatic. Remote learning became a necessity overnight, and technology has become Read more
Epic Games Gets Fortnite Fans to Fight Apple’s App Store: Business Casual
August 18, 2020
Apple’s products have been so well designed, the company has acquired over a billion users. With that captive audience, Apple keeps users from straying by creating a single point of sale--the app Read more
Understanding How Commercialization in Education Led to 2020’s AP Tests: Ratified
August 11, 2020
Ratified is a radio show hosted by Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin, exploring the intersection of business and policy in long-form fashion. .redcircle-link:link { color: #ea404d; Read more
Digital Pays Out for The New York Times While Print Journalism Flounders: Business Casual
August 7, 2020
With writers laid off, publications not going to print, and thousands of media professionals furloughed, the world of print media experienced drastic cutbacks as a result of the pandemic. But The Read more
Built Modular: Cost Drivers in Modular Building Systems
August 4, 2020
An August 2019 report from the commercial construction index showed the modular construction industry doubling its growth over the past five years. Now an $8-billion industry, modular Read more
Restaurant Owners Weigh In on the Future of Food Delivery
August 4, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic ravaged most businesses, but one small sector experienced incredible growth—food delivery service providers. Apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, Seamless, DoorDash and others Read more
Where Do All the Old Solar Panels Go?: Business Casual
August 4, 2020
Solar panels have long been the figurehead of the sustainability movement. They are the celebrities of being “off-grid,” representing everything it means to building a lifestyle in harmony with Read more
Australian Government Moves Forward with Making Tech Giants Pay News Publishers: Business Casual
August 4, 2020
Google and Facebook have been under increasing scrutiny for their power. Australia aims to confront that power head-on with a recent code drafted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Read more