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Manufacturing a Stronger Standard: How Lesta’s Robots Are Elevating Production and Automation in Wood Finishing

Wood finishing work is a craft requiring a keen eye and precise application, which has made it particularly hard to automate, but new technology is changing that. Offering insights on these Read more


The GSV Cup Elite 200 Announced; Startups Will Compete For $1 Million In Prizes
May 11, 2021
ASU+GSV Summit, the annual education technology conference hosted by GSV Ventures and Arizona State University, announced today the selection of 200 pre-seed and seed education technology startups as finalists in Read more
Tune into the Dallas 100 Live Draft HERE
May 11, 2021
Each year, the SMU Dallas 100 celebrates what’s so unique about the city we call home. Larger-than-life passion, energy, and companies literally shaping the way the rest of the world does business – it’s all right Read more
Gas Pumps Run Dry in U.S. South as Pipeline Shutdown Bites
Gas Pumps Run Dry in U.S. South as Pipeline Shutdown Bites
May 11, 2021
(Bloomberg) -- Motorists across a broad swath of the U.S. East Coast and South are struggling to find gasoline and diesel as filling stations run dry amid the unprecedented pipeline disruption caused by a Read more
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The Role of Rideshare in Bringing Back Downtowns
October 7, 2020
Since the spring and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, downtown areas across the country have seen mass exoduses and a reduction in foot traffic from residents who did stay. So, Read more
Improving Employment Possibilities Through Electric Vehicles
September 2, 2020
We were joined by Ashhar Shaikh, co-founder of Skillshark, to talk about EV (electric vehicles) education, the EV for Africa program, and improving the employment possibilities for Read more
Transforming Transportation in Africa with Electric Vehicles: Roads, Rails & Rides
August 19, 2020
  The transition to electric vehicles includes considerable transformation. The automobile industry, although innovative, has been stuck in its dependence on gasoline. As countries Read more
Breaking Down the Newest Innovations in Transportation: Roads, Rails and Rides
July 29, 2020
It has been five months since the COVID-19 pandemic has created a tidal wave of public and private policy shifts which dictate how humans go about their everyday lives. Many of Read more
How Technology is Advancing Freight Rail: Roads, Rails and Rides
July 15, 2020
In this latest episode of Roads, Rails & Rides, we step away from the movement of people for a moment to learn about advances in the movement of goods. Host, Jeb Morris, sits Read more
The Future of Electric Propulsion in Mobility: Roads, Rails and Rides
July 1, 2020
  In the latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides, host Jeb Morris sat down with, Masato Inoue, CEO of INOUE Design & Consulting, Professor at Institute D’Arte e Read more
The Role of Digital Innovation in Autonomous Driving Design: Roads, Rails, & Rides
June 17, 2020
  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Gruel, Co-Director and Founder at the Institute for Mobility Read more
Creating The Technology that Powers Self-Driving Platforms: Roads, Rails, & Rides
June 3, 2020
  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with, Robert Day, Director of Autonomous Vehicles at ARM. Our conversation starts with just Read more
Exploring the History of Rails in the US: Roads, Rails, & Rides
May 20, 2020
  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with Jessica Woods, Museum Manager of the Interurban Railway Museum. While most of this Read more