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Federal Funding for Community-Based Clean Energy Saves the Day for Municipalities

Jennifer Granholm Community-Based Clean Energy
  Community-based clean energy projects across the U.S. are getting a windfall of cash from the Biden administration. Using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Read more


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Leisure Travel Will Drive Hotel Growth for 2023
November 29, 2022
   Business Travel News recently reported on PwC's Hospitality Directions report, indicating a reduced 2023 travel forecast. PwC largely sites economic uncertainty for the revised projections, Read more
New Battery Technology Could Make EVs Cheaper and Faster to Produce
November 29, 2022
 Companies in UK and the US are racing to find new breakthroughs in electrochemistry that don't rely on China's resources to create battery technology. As China currently holds 75% of the world's cobalt Read more
Diesel and Truck Driver Shortages Are Only the Latest in a “Highly Inefficient Transportation System”
November 29, 2022
 The trucking industry is under consistent pressure from multiple fronts. On one end, news continues to spiral about a looming diesel shortage as prices remain high and U.S. diesel supplies reach their lowest Read more
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Better Math Courses Mean Better STEM Students
August 16, 2021
  Even before the pandemic, improving student engagement in critical “gateway” math/science courses has presented a long-standing challenge, especially in traditionally Read more
How the Experiential World Will Meet the Workplace
August 13, 2021
  This week Kevin Hogan and the EdTech Today show went on the road to the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego. Hogan used the opportunity to sit down with the biggest leaders in Read more
Emeritus Set to Raise the Bar with $650 Million Funding Round
August 12, 2021
  MarketScale's Kevin Hogan sits down with Charlie Schilling about an exciting piece of breaking news in the education industry. It's not every day at the annual Read more
ASU+GSV Summit: How to Give Students the Modern Skills They Need to Thrive
August 11, 2021
  The modern student is in a difficult situation. Not only have the scenarios in which they learn changed tremendously, but so have the skills required to succeed outside Read more
ASU+GSV Summit: Training the Next Generation of AI Innovators
August 10, 2021
  AI Camp was founded on a simple premise — revolutionizing artificial intelligence education. AI has an enormous role to play in the future of essentially every Read more
How Higher Ed Must Adapt to Survive
August 9, 2021
  The more data that drops, the clearer the message for institutes of higher learning—in order to keep pace with today's society, operations must change. In this episode, Read more
EdTech AI Is About to Get Much Smarter
August 6, 2021
  Big news this week from Digital Promise—it will co-lead a new five-year, $20 million initiative aimed at creating artificial intelligence (AI) tools to advance human Read more
Educator Confidence Report Highlights Dip in Teachers’ Perception of Role
August 5, 2021
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt recently released its 2021 educator confidence report, and the findings were not particularly optimistic. In this clip from MarketScale's EdTech Today, Read more
Reimagining Black and Latinx Student Achievement And Economic Success
August 5, 2021
  For John B. King Jr., president of The Education Trust, the pandemic has only exaggerated the glaring inequities for communities of color when it comes to basic access to Read more