Hospitality Industry Can Ensure Quality AI Chatbot Experiences by Supplementing, Rather Than Replacing

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AI continues to permeate the hospitality industry as they increasingly turn to AI chatbots to enhance customer service. However, this move towards digital assistants comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in maintaining the quality of interactions to ensure they meet brand standards and customer expectations. With the stakes high for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, the need for effective quality control measures for these AI chatbot systems is quite critical.

What strategies can hotels implement to ensure their chatbots are not just functional but also a true extension of their service excellence?

In an Experts Talk roundtable discussion on the hospitality industry ahead of AAHOACON 2024, Calvin Tilokee, CEO and creative director of Revpar Media, shared some thoughts about the use of AI chatbots in hotels. Drawing from his firsthand experience with AI in the hospitality sector and as a former revenue manager, Tilokee explained how hotels can ensure that their chatbots deliver quality experiences consistent with their brand values.

Several main points of his analysis covered:

  • Ensuring that information provided by chatbots is accurate and up-to-date to avoid disseminating incorrect information, like non-existent amenities.
  • The importance of why AI chatbots should communicate in a way that reflects the hotel’s brand voice, enhancing the customer’s experience by maintaining a consistent tone and style.
  • How crucial it is that chatbots understand and respond correctly to customer inquiries, addressing their needs effectively.
  • Why AI should be used to augment the capabilities of human staff, not replace them, leveraging its strengths to enhance efficiency while retaining human oversight.
  • As AI technology evolves, continuously assess and refine the chatbot’s performance to ensure it aligns with customer service goals and technological advancements.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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