Leveraging LinkedIn as a Business Tool, It’s Where Networking Happens in 2020


Most people look at LinkedIn as their professional social media space, best used when looking for a new role. There are currently over 675 million users on the platform, which means that it’s much more than a job board; it’s where relationships can be started and built. On this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton with Greg Crumpton, Teddy Burriss of Burriss Consulting, a LinkedIn coach and expert and best-selling author, explains why the new type of networking doesn’t have to occur over the phone or in-person; LinkedIn offers new opportunities.

Teddy didn’t become an expert in social media networking until he left the technology industry and started his first sales job in 2005.

“I asked a salesperson at my new place of business what it took to be successful, and he said cold call like a wild man. I knew this was something I wasn’t excited about doing. Then I started to take an interest in LinkedIn,” he said.

Teddy knew the people he wanted to engage were on LinkedIn; they just weren’t doing anything on the platform. He became more invested in finding ways to network on LinkedIn and leveraging it as a relationship builder. After a few years doing this in his sales role, he was ready to start his own business.

“At first, I called myself a networking strategist, but no one knew what that meant. Then I thought changing it to social media strategist would be more impactful, but that didn’t translate to corporate America. Then I reframed it as using social media as a business tool and that began to resonate with companies,” Teddy said.

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