Are Resource Planning Needs Booming Alongside Home Services?

On this episode of MarketScale TV, host Daniel Litwin was joined by President and CEO of Evosus Dan McManus for a discussion about the state of enterprise resource planning as 2021 nears.

Evosus’s LOU cloud software solution aims to “integrate every aspect of your business, including point of sale, inventory, marketing, service, construction and accounting.”

McManus and Litwin dove into how business management software solutions are being used most effectively, as well as the whole host of enterprise needs affecting resource planning and business management, including the impact of the pandemic, risk management, economic downturn, social unrest, supply chain disruption and more. Even in the absence of those factors, McManus said, expectations for enterprise resource planning solutions were already ballooning.

“Expectations of these businesses are through the roof,” he said. “We’ve been doing this for 19 years, and what we do here at Evosus is we build business management software. Really what we fundamentally do is work with companies that may be running their business on four, five, six, sometimes seven apps. You can imagine – things get really tough to manage.”

Still, that equation has gotten even more complex in the wake of the challenges of the last year – though home services have seen a bit of a boom.

“We talk to a lot of businesses every day, and most of them are going through a really challenging time,” McManus said. “In the industries that we serve, which is mostly in the home services, they’re actually growing through the pandemic and the ensuing recession. … As consumers entrench and go home, there’s been an almost unbelievable demand in home services.”

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