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Modular Altruism: What Is The 6th Place Project?

Modular Altruism
Altruism is the idea or practice of having a selfless concern for the benefit of others. It may also be defined as a concern for others' well-being. The adaptability and Read more


Adapting the SLR Magic of Anamorphic Filmmaking to the Panasonic Lumix Ecosystem Creates Endless Filmmaking Possibilities
March 24, 2023

The Panasonic Lumix System revolutionized independent filmmaking through the convergence of a handheld DSLR style body, larger than video camera sensors for a narrow depth of field, and the versatility and utility of interchangeable lenses.  By being mirrorless and with the use of adapters, a broad gamut of vintage and modern lenses became available for […]

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gap between the real world and the metaverse
AV is Bridging the Gap Between the Real World and the Metaverse at Industry Conferences
March 24, 2023

How is AV helping bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse? Some of the best examples can be seen in the midst of large-scale trade shows and industry events. For example, ETHDenver, an annual blockchain conference held in Denver, Colorado, hosts more than 20,000 technologists every year to innovate and develop […]

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Why Authentic Content Should Be at the Forefront of Your Company’s Marketing Strategy
March 24, 2023

Media today is the most powerful it’s ever been, and with the introduction of new channels to consume it daily, the consumer can become easily overwhelmed with a plethora of choices. How does your channel stand out? Authentic media might be the clickbait. With the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and streaming services like Spotify, […]

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Modular Altruism: What Is The 6th Place Project?
March 6, 2023

Altruism is the idea or practice of having a selfless concern for the benefit of others. It may also be defined as a concern for others’ well-being. The adaptability and versatility of modular buildings is one of their main benefits. They are easily expandable and customizable to meet shifting needs or specifications, and they can […]

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Tech-Forward AEC Companies Rise to the Top Amidst 2023 Project Backlogs
March 2, 2023

The pandemic halted architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry products, and now the backlog is catching up, reaching its peak level since pre-pandemic. Companies are having to navigate the rising demand with challenges such as inflation, talent retention, and supply chain issues. Unanet’s 2022-2023 AEC Inspire Report provided some insight as to what firms […]

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Veterans Transitioning to Project Management and MHI Roles
August 11, 2022

Veterans retire with a variety of skills under their belt. These skills form a natural path from the military into the civilian workforce, particularly translating to project management. To talk about this overlap, DJ Hughes, a current armed forces reserve officer with twenty years of active-duty service under his belt, talks to host Tyler […]

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A Successful Project’s Lifecycle Through Project Management
April 12, 2022

With increased technology and automation, innovation comes with new ideas which leads to new projects and initiatives being created. Who can handle the job? One of the most important roles in any organization: the project manager role. Project managers possess a variety of set skills and oftentimes wear many hats to oversee a specific […]

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Host Daniel Litwin on Why Vendors Should Secure DHA/DLA Contracts
February 22, 2022

When it comes to procurement at the highest level, contracts can become a complicated business. Medical grade equipment for the military always requires next-level due diligence throughout the ordering process and, because of this, procurement can often take months to a year to finalize. With internal solutions like Electronic Catalog (ECAT), there are now ways […]

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Conveying Progress: Project Management Is the Key to Being On Time and Under Budget
June 16, 2021

Project management is a discipline that a wide range of industries use. When they have skilled people in the role, it leads to successful projects and happy customers. To explore its importance, Conveying Progress host Tyler Kern chatted with Amanda Dahshan, Senior Project Manager at Benda Manufacturing, Inc. Dahshan first explained how she found […]

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Get Your Fix: Streamlining Installs with Dedicated Partners and Thorough Documentation
April 26, 2021

Having everything go right in an installation isn’t always possible. There are many moving parts and gaps between the manufacturer and end-user. That’s why many organizations rely on installation partners to streamline, scale and manage these projects. To offer feedback on this subject, Ryan Baumgartner and Eric Warner of Vixxo joined Get Your Fix and […]

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Are Resource Planning Needs Booming Alongside Home Services?
October 29, 2020

On this episode of MarketScale TV, host Daniel Litwin was joined by President and CEO of Evosus Dan McManus for a discussion about the state of enterprise resource planning as 2021 nears. Evosus’s LOU cloud software solution aims to “integrate every aspect of your business, including point of sale, inventory, marketing, service, construction and accounting.” […]

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Making Bright Ideas Work: Project Management is Most Successful When it’s Personal
October 4, 2019

For all the discussion about process improvement, company culture, and team member morale, you might recall that Sunrise Labs is a medical product development firm. Sunrise Labs was founded to be different, and that’s evident in everything they do down to the way they run their daily operations. Today on Making Bright Ideas Work, […]

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