Is Marketing on Twitter Business as Usual?



Jaclyn Sergeant, Owner of Sergeant Digital, gives her take on the new ownership of Twitter and what that might entail for businesses moving forward as they keep the consumer in mind. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk completed a $44 billion deal to own the social media company and has since made controversial changes to the platform.


Jaclyn’s Thoughts:

“Brands today are marketing themselves as socially conscious. They are making this one of their differentiating factors, incorporating it into their core values, making it a marketing pillar, and these are the brands that need to be considering whether or not they continue to use Twitter as part of their marketing strategy.

When you continue to post on Twitter, that is a sign of support for the platform. When you continue to advertise on Twitter, that’s maybe even a stronger sign of support for the platform because of the financial implications there. I help B2B companies with their marketing and specifically their social media marketing, and I do have clients that are leaving the platform because Twitter no longer aligns with their core values as a company.

Consumers today want to work with brands that are socially conscious, but they also wanna work with brands that are doing more than just lip service, right? You have to just do more than say that you’re actually socially conscious. What are your actions? And so it feels really hypocritical for a company that says that they stand against social injustice, racism, and homophobia.

But, on the other hand, they’re continuing to post and engage, and it’s basically business as usual on a platform that really seems to be empowering things like antisemitism, homophobia, disinformation, and unfortunately, so much more.”

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