Is Segmentation Marketing a Relic of the Pre-COVID Era?

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly changed the marketing landscape for a wide range of industries – but just how different will marketing strategies look in the months and years to come? Will strategies that still rely on clear segmentation continue to succeed, or is segmentation marketing ready for its curtain call?

To source insights, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin invited Formation Co-founder and CEO Christian Selchau-Hansen, also a member of the Forbes Council, to this episode of MarketScale’s B2B Today.

Formation is an enterprise software company working to optimize the customer journey through personalized marketing experiences, and Selchau-Hansen also brought experience developing solutions for companies like Square and Zynga to the conversation.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Selchau-Hansen offered marketers the following piece of advice – focus on leveraging first-party data to create longer-term customer engagement strategies and personalized, engaging campaigns.

Now, with COVID receding further into the rearview mirror and things like cookies out of the picture, what barriers exist to collecting that first-party data in a meaningful way?

Litwin and Selchau-Hansen explored a few of Formation’s case studies to learn how retailers and customers are resondpong to relevance & personalization in their offers, how Formation aids marketers in personalizing the experience for the end-user and how that work relates to future strategies that can help juggernauts like Starbucks and smaller retailers, alike.

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