The Disrupted Future of Advanced Manufacturing: Episode 3

The future of advanced manufacturing begins with talent. However, talent in manufacturing isn’t always in plentiful supply. Skilled labor positions in industries like manufacturing are high in demand but short on workers, with a gap of 500,000 professionals. If the situation does not improve, the U.S. could see 2.1 million unfilled jobs in manufacturing by 2030.

So, when talent comes along in manufacturing, it doesn’t go to waste. Case in point: Lukas Czinger, Co-Founder & COO of Czinger Vehicles and COO for Divergent Technologies. At a mere 28 years old, he’s accomplished a mountain of work in the advanced manufacturing sector, including cutting-edge AI and 3D printing technologies, and over 50 patents to his name. His ‘get Sh*t done’ index is through the roof.

On their third and final conversation of this Advanced Manufacturing edition of DisruptED, Ron J Stefanski and Lukas Czinger zero in on talent and what it will take to make the future of advanced manufacturing a reality.

In their previous episode [LINK to Episode 2], Stefanski and Czinger discussed additive manufacturing and solving its challenges to bring those solutions to scale. And that is where Stefanski and Czinger begin their final conversation. How does Czinger get more people interested in his work, and how can the solutions he’s generating benefit his generation and beyond the next?

“Two things that come to mind immediately for me, thinking about young talented engineers and students in general that don’t have a ton of direction is, how do we make information front of mind for them?” Czinger said. “How do we educate them on what these companies are doing, including Divergent? And two, once we have given them these thoughts and inspire them, how do we make it accessible for them, so they can start interacting and getting on a path where they join these companies and be a value add.”

In this episode, Stefanski and Czinger cover the following…

● How the upcoming generations have world problems to solve that previous generations did not

● Finding talented people from different areas and pulling them into new challenges

● Advice for young people seeking careers in areas such as advanced manufacturing

“When I started here, at Divergent, I started in an assembly and manufacturing team around how we’re going to assemble these 3D-printed parts,” Czinger said. “I didn’t have a twenty-year career in robotics. I wasn’t a roboticist. I have an engineering background, but I was a bright kid, and that was it.”

About Lukas

Lukas Czinger is a Yale graduate with a BA in electrical engineering. He Co-founded Czinger Vehicles in 2020 and received recognition as one of Forbes’s “30 Under 30” in January 2023. Czinger Vehicles is preparing to build 21C sports cars in 2023.

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