Meeting the New Members of Cla-Val

Host of Valve Chronicles, Tyler Kern, spoke with members of the Cla-Val team, including two new members that the company “moved Heaven and Earth” to get on the team. Those two new members are Shirley Nelson, Fueling Sales Manager, and Jimmy Kmetz, Technical Sales Engineer, who had worked together for years before Tom Boriack, Director of Fueling, was able to bring them over to Cla-Val.

Seen as all-stars, Boriack expressed his enthusiasm for his new team, noting that Nelson is well known in the industry. He believes it’s a big win for Cla-Val, particularly since she has much manufacturing experience and has a customer-oriented approach to her demeanor, ensuring to uphold empathy in her interactions and providing satisfying solutions.

Having been in the industry for almost 15 years, Nelson admitted enjoying working with control valves. “I love it… It changes every day — the people you meet, the places you get to see. It’s been kind of a wild ride,” she explained. Looking forward to the work she will do with Cla-Val, she’s particularly excited about providing some background knowledge on the many installations she’s worked on in years past, which may be new to Cla-Val.

Kmetz, having been Nelson’s right hand man for many years, followed Nelson when she came to Cla-Val. The two make quite the duo with Nelson’s sales expertise and Kmetz engineering background — complete with 12 years of experience in the hydraulics industry.

Clearly, the two newest members bring great skills and energy to the Cla-Val team, and Boriack is excited to be full-staffed with strong talent. 

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