PVC piping, vent ducting, vinyl fabric, and safety flags: These common everyday products are all around us, but rarely do we think of where they came from, how they were made, and how important they are to daily life. In this episode of The Marking Minute by Presco, we explore the many uses of polymer products and where the industry is innovating with the VP of New Business Development at Presco, John Yianitsas.

“Polymer is really the chemistry that we use,” Yianitsas said simply.

At Presco Polymers, this chemistry creates PVC, vinyl, and flexible vinyl that can be used in a wealth of industries.

“A big part of what we do if you go to any kind of convention or expo you’ll see drapes or table skirts,” Yianitsas said.

He has his eye on innovation for the company, keeping a lookout for where vinyl can disrupt the market.

“We know our vinyl is printable…” Yianitsas said, but as printing technology advances, “I’m really looking to expand and how can we get into these markets that we’ve really never explored.”

Presco products, most importantly, are unique and customized for each task or project at hand.

“Everything we do is specialized and is tailor-made for their requirements and I think that’s where we set ourselves apart,” Yianitsas said.

By listening carefully to the customer’s needs, Presco hones in on a specific issue and improves upon the chemistry of their products to deliver customized solutions.

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