Understanding Marketing’s Critical Role In The Automation Age


It doesn’t matter how innovative your product is if your potential customers don’t know about it or understand why they should buy it.

Johnny Tyler, Marketing and Design Specialist at Arc Specialties, has seen many companies adopt an unambitious marketing strategy – or, worse, not even draw out a strategy at all – rather than invest resources in something that can make even a small company a globally known name in the internet age.

“I think a lot of people look at the marketing aspect of things as a secondary position or something they might have to do or might not have to do based on how their business is going, but I think if you get the right marketing person in there, somebody that can take all the aspects of your company, put it in a box with a nice bow and present it to these people, people get a chance to see your company that probably have never even thought about your company,” Tyler said.

That person doesn’t need to have a background in your field. Tyler’s first-ever professional graphic design gig came from Wendy’s. Later, he moved into the oil and gas world, a more natural transition to robotics, but still there was a learning curve as he started working with true automation tools.

“In my mind, what I’m thinking I’m going to see vs. what I actually saw was night and day,” he said. “It’s not the sci-fi robotics I was used to envisioning. It’s more the different types of robots, different applications, the number of axes robots have, the size, the weight and the fact that there are robots who are collaborative, working with you.”

For Tyler, the relationship with a marketing person also should be collaborative, efficient and, ultimately, something that makes your life easier and helps your company grow.

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