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Hard seltzer rocked the beer industry. Now, a new beverage trend is on the rise—non-alcoholic low-calorie beer.

Pro athletes are pushing the product as a healthier way to stay social. Dwayne Wade spearheads Budweiser’s launch of Bud Zero, a 50 calorie no sugar, no alcohol beer. But the market for low calorie, non-alcoholic beer extends beyond just athletes looking to stay trim and fit. This product welcomes anyone into the social culture where beer is consumed, including those who don’t drink alcohol.

Business Casual hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern consider the marketing and production logistics needed to make this product take off.

  1. Sales of non-alcoholic beer this year rose 40% in dollars.
  2. Non-alcoholic beer fosters inclusion and marks a shift in consumer demand.
  3. Non-alcoholic beer appeals to healthy athletes as well as sober socializers.

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