In this unprecedented period, the move toward delivery of food, groceries and more has been accelerated even further.

And the drivers that power that shift could be paying the price.

With COVID-19’s impact meaning more consumers than ever are leveraging delivery services, literal strain is being put on the vehicles that power the drivers making it happen. This is shifting the landscape of the entire gig economy and forcing some conversations about what can be done to alleviate it.

Tim Clay, Chief Revenue Officer for DigniFi, has an answer.

Clay joined host Daniel Litwin to explore DigniFi’s unique offering. DigniFi uses advanced analytics to help users get car repair loans they may not have had access to or known about, serving as a marketplace connecting consumers and lenders specifically for auto repair loans.

While Clay admits that his evidence is more anecdotal than specifically connected to the gig economy, he reports that there has been a rise in activity in DigiFi’s partner repair shops during the pandemic.

“We’ve seen about an 18 to 20% increase in our shops’ business,” Clay said.

That raises big questions about the future of the gig economy, what delivery services and drivers can expect as a new normal dawns, and more.

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