Food trucks have driven a successful food business path, growing to more than a $2-billion-per-year industry. On The Move’s Marketing Director, CJ Stratte, and Senior Sales Executive Tim Moranz gave their impressions on what can help separate one food truck owner’s business from the rest of the pack on this episode of Impressions.

“This industry is growing and changing so rapidly,” Moranz said, “that they have to be unique. They have to find a niche that sets them apart from their competition.”

The innovations On The Move puts into its food truck vehicles are focused on that very thing: setting themselves apart from the competition. Increased truck size to accommodate additional food sales and a patented extended slide-out and step-down service area are two innovations On The Move uses to improve the amount of work and storage space without compromising employee comfort or safety.

“With the growth and popularity of food trucks, we have to be able to feed more people,” Stratte said. “We see trucks with lines around the block, now.”

Well-supplied food trucks are a necessity.

“Most of these mom-and-pop operators only run them during the summer months or when its good weather. We’re winterizing the trucks for year-round use,” Moranz added.

Some of the criteria Stratte said go into On The Move’s food truck ideas and innovations involve making a unique, safe, clean and unparalleled customer experience for food truck operators.

Double-serving windows and an easy-to-use menu screen are more features that make On The Move’s trucks easy for customers to order.

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