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Jesse Cole

Owner Savannah Bananas

Is Your Business Ready for the Projected Upswing in Travel?

Jesse Cole is the Founder of Fans First Entertainment and Owner of the Savannah Bananas, and he joined us to talk about the projected upswing in travel.

“I am fired up. We’re talking about the comeback, baby, of travelers. Customers, yes, people coming back to the hospitality industry. It is coming, we can feel it and we’re seeing it. The planes are starting to get booked, and the people are booking hotels. It’s coming back, baby.

So, we are getting fired up. But is management ready? Are your employees ready? Is everyone ready to go and all-in on delivering an amazing experience? We’re going to have a lot of fun.

How are we getting ready with Savannah Bananas? We’re mostly just singing the song from Frozen for the first time in forever, where we get to see actual people. And we get to open the gates, just like Elsa from that amazing Disney movie — we will actually probably re-enact that whole thing to open the gates.

But, yes, while we have played games throughout the pandemic at a much smaller scale, we will be enlarging it. We’re bringing it back and, hopefully, having everyone ready to rock and roll.

Think about one thing that you can do that is Fans First today. We always say, for every decision we make, we ask ourselves, is it Fans First? So, my suggestion today would be to send something to a fan or a customer without asking for anything in return. And this isn’t a sales pitch.

I’m talking about something of value, whether it be a simple video and just say, hey, I’m thinking about you, thanks for all the support, especially during this past year. We appreciate you. Or it’s a thank you letter, or it’s a special gift of some sort. But how can we give something to someone without asking for anything return? That’s how you create fans.

And I’m talking about creating revenue and fans by giving without anything in return. And I say this Fans first Entertainment is always our mission. It’s every decision that we make. The definition of hospitality is, in a sense, entertaining people. All right. And the definition of entertain is to provide enjoyment and provide amusement. So, how can you entertain? What can you do to provide a little bit of joy to show up, provide some fun, maybe make someone laugh and give that to a fan?”

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