Outsourcing is the Competitive Edge for Today’s Startups

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Tim Witucki talks


It’s not just huge call centers in multinational companies that outsource their talent. Everybody outsources on some scale, whether it’s a startup that outsources the bookkeeping and back office duties for their business or even an individual who outsources their day-to-day needs to someone more skilled than they are.

In this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast, host Sean Heath sat down with Tim Witucki, senior vice president of development for Personiv to discuss smart outsourcing as a competitive edge in the industry.

Witucki has seen firsthand the role that smart outsourcing plays in a startup business, having worked in both startups and corporations that offer talent solutions. Austin-based Personiv helps businesses run more efficiently by providing outsourced talent for key process and business systems such as back office, recruiting, creative services, and customer engagement.

“As you know, talent is hard to find these days because startups, whether you’re launching in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or London, these high-touch roles are crucial to having a successful launch,” Witucki said.

In this episode, Witucki shared tips for finding the right outsourcing solution, including a critical factor for onboarding success — navigating cultural norms for a company and the outsourcing solution. He and Heath also discussed how outsourcing has helped companies grow in their respective sector.

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