Authentic Social Media is an Ace in the Sleeve for Small Business

For entrepreneurs looking to stand out as they build a new company in today’s tumultuous business climate, social media has proved itself as a powerful tool for engagement, brand-building, and developing trust between company and customer. For Olivia Starling, founder of online jewelry brand Starlette Galleria, her vision for a hypoallergenic collection of high-quality yet affordable rings & bling meant turning $300 worth of inventory into something greater. And through social media content, especially less scripted and more casual content, she did just that: reach her first multiple six-figure revenue through a focus on authentic social media posts and community-building.

Especially following COVID’s ecommerce accelerations, how should small businesses weigh their social media presence against other content, or even more traditional marketing campaigns? And for the small business looking to succeed through a confident brick & mortar presence, how should social media strategies differ if you’re trying to reach a local community audience vs. a decentralized global audience? Olivia pulls from her experience growing Starlette Galleria to offer tips & strategies.

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