So many industries are turning to virtual collaboration in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. From telemedicine to critical board meetings and more, the world’s businesses are finding ways to succeed even when separated by distance.

And the legal industry is no different.

On this episode of Bricks and Clicks with Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin, attorney Andrea Sager outlined how the legal industry is finding its own brand of agile success in a virtual world.

Sager is the go-to attorney for online businesses. A mom, business owner, and lawyer extraordinaire, she’s found an innovative way to do legal work virtually.

However, for all the promise of remote work, several key considerations remain.

Tune in to find out what legal programs you might be missing, how you might be opening yourself up to liability issues, and what’s actually necessary to protect the business you’ve built as the world adjusts to what’s likely to be a largely permanent new normal.


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