The Future of Online Retail: E-commerce, I-commerce, and Overhead with Dedrick Boyd


Imagine a world of commerce where you can see what an item of clothing will actually look like on you without having to physically go into the store. It may seem crazy, but that very well could be in the future of online retail with the development of Web3, especially as retailers explore going headless. Headless commerce means the frontend of a website, or the presentation aspect, is separated from the backend components, or the functional aspects of the retail such as pricing.  

So, how will retailers make the jump from current Web2 to Web3 to allow for these changes? 

On today’s episode of What Just Happened, Host Christine Russo speaks with Dedrick Boyd, Founder and CEO of TechSparq, to tease out an illustration of the future online retail experience. 

TechSparq focuses on the sportswear sub niche and is working on breaking into the luxury apparel domain. Clients call TechSparq to upgrade their platforms and add features and integration work. “We have historically always been able to tackle complex integrations,” Boyd stated. “Projects where they are in trouble or that require a little bit more hand holding, that’s where we work really well,” he continued. 

Russo and Boyd also discussed… 

  • Why so few retailers go headless 
  • An illustration of what a Web3 commerce experience might look like 
  • Projections on how e-commerce and I-commerce will collaborate for customer experiences 

Boyd provided a peek into what he thinks Web3 retail experiences may entail. “Web3 is going to be all about community. I think in Web3, you’ll still have images, but I think being able to see the product—move it around, spin it around, a 3D rendition of it…When you’re in the information phase, I see that I-commerce being literally jumping way to the forefront to explore, get opinions, share, and commune and talk about it.”  

Boyd is CEO of TechSparq and works with Fortune 1000 sportswear retailers and companies to make their sales and marketing more effective and cost-efficient through immersive commerce experiences. 

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