Wearable Tech Frees Up Employees’ Hands, and Schedules

Smartwatches are the latest tech tools that the hospitality industry has embraced. You may notice these on the wrists of hotel workers from the front desk to the cleaning crew. Before hotels turned to these as ways to communicate better internally and serve guests, they focused on consumer-facing applications.

In both these scenarios, hotels have an opportunity to use technology to boost guest satisfaction, something every hotel wants. So, why have smartwatches become such a popular technology with hotels? Let’s look at what hotels are doing with smartwatches in consumer-facing and staff applications.

Consumer-Facing Smartwatch Possibilities

The Starwood app had been in use for a while when it was adapted for the smartwatch. The app allows guests to receive notifications about check-out or loyalty programs. It even allows guests across 150 of its locations to unlock rooms.

Westin Hotels has taken a different approach to smartwatches and how they help guests. They, at some locations, offer guests sleep-sensing wristbands. Walt Disney World takes the idea further by giving guests a “MagicBand,” which allows guests entry to the parks and hotel and offers ways to make purchases. While it is very convenient for the guest, it is also a goldmine of data for the company.

Samsung and Alice Launch a Smartwatch Collaboration for Hotel Staff

Alice is a hotel operations platform used by many in the industry, and now it is available on the Samsung SDS. The key to understanding why hotels have gravitated toward smartwatches for communication comes down to mobility.

Most hotel staff are in constant motion and may need both hands to complete their tasks, so a wearable piece of technology is a natural fit. Eliminating the risk of getting misplaced like phones or have connection issues like walkie-talkies, It is a convenience factor that allows staff to act quickly to the request. Luxury hotelier Viceroy Hotel Group will be the first to implement the smartwatches.

How It Works

Alice President Alex Shashou said of the new product, “We are providing three main benefits to hotels, including returning time to the staff so they have more time to execute better service. We are giving the staff back their hands, so there is one less thing to carry or break. And with a hands-free wearable as their main communications tool, we are restoring eye contact to hospitality—enabling the smile between guest and hotelier that has so long meant hospitality.”

Evolving the Guest Experience

Smartwatches are evolving the guest experience, whether through their own device or from the expedited, attentive service made possible by the employee’s wearable. In an instant world, guests expect immediacy. Smartwatches offer real-time engagement, helping hotels deliver on their promise to make every experience outstanding.

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