The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: The Technologies Supporting 5G’s Expansion

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Many supporting technologies have to come together to help with 5G’s expansion. Data processing units, smart network interface cards and field-programmable gate arrays (known as DPUs, SmartNICs and FPGAs) are three technologies that intersect to create an innovative and flexible solution expanding the reach and use cases of 5G technology.

Peter Hsu, a Solutions Architect with Premio, provided his insights on this intersection of cutting-edge technology.

Hsu said there’s a lot of potential with 5G to do things that were not possible with 4G.

“When we look at 5G, there are two key metrics we need to look at just to see how much better 5G is and how it will affect us,” Hsu said. “The first one is the peak speed, and the second one is latency.” The increased speed of 5G allows for large-scale video streaming and playing high-quality video games in environments where that was previously impossible.

For applications such as autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics where response time is crucial, the lower latency that 5G provides will make adoption of these solutions expand. And with increased 5G deployments, the popularity and need for edge computing is also broadening.

“Because 5G applications can be so demanding on performance and latency, many data centers and telcos are relying on edge computing to address a big chunk of these requests from 5G devices,” Hsu said. “The challenge of edge computing right now is not to be the bottleneck within this whole 5G infrastructure. This is where Premio comes in and how we’re able to help. We specialize in developing servers and systems to address these issues.”

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