Cinemark CEO Doesn’t Thinks AMC’s Release Deal Will Disrupt Exhibition Ecosystem: Business Casual

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Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, movie theaters have had to shut their doors. As a result, theaters are taking a second look at their relationship with production companies. For AMC and Universal, that means shortening the time a film is in theaters, and sharing the revenue once it turns to in-home streaming. Cinemark CEO, Mark Zoradi, comments on the adverse effects this brief run time could mean for a film’s earnings and the cinema profit funnel at large.

Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin, hosts of Business Casual, consider Zoradi’s comment in context with how viewers are consuming media today. As at-home streaming becomes the norm and the preference, going to the theater becomes a niche experience. Perhaps a shortened theater run may ultimately help drive demand and get people in theater seats.

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