Sports Advertising is Striking Out: Here is How to Fix It

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2020’s Super Bowl Sunday was one to talk about. Not only was it a reprieve from COVID anxieties, it was another reminder of how important Super Bowl advertising slots still are to the broader advert industry. Even with companies like Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi bowing out of advertising during 2020’s Super Bowl, research out of marketing support company Allocadia showed 37% of viewers were still there solely to watch the commercials.

Leading into the Super Bowl, ad dollars were still flowing to the major broadcast companies. FOX, for example, sold out its 2020 advert slots before the end of 2019, with the highest 30-second slot selling for $5.6 million. So how worth it were those ad dollars? Did it translate to the pop culture and sales impact most companies expect?

Julia Stead, CMO of Allocadia, discusses viewership numbers, and the business case for dropping millions on an ad during a sporting event in today’s post-COVID world of content marketing and owned media.

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