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Fighting Climate Change Isn’t Just About Green Energy, It’s Also About Green Energy Storage

energy storage
  As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change, the search for efficient, renewable energy solutions has never been more urgent. A significant Read more


AI for Creators
Harnessing AI for Creative Innovation: cutting through AI hype and misconceptions for creators
June 7, 2023

Live Broadcast 3 PM CT on 6/8   Harnessing AI for Creators: Cutting Through AI Hype and Misconceptions   Register Now   In this episode of B2B Weekly, we delve deep into the world of AI and how it is impacting creators. Gavin Purcell joins host Tim Maitland to break down the hype around AI […]

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Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees
Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees: Tips from TreeNewal
June 7, 2023

Join ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers from TreeNewal as he examines the aftermath of lightning damage on a pecan tree. In this insightful video, Wes highlights the path taken by the lightning bolt through the tree, causing superheating of the water inside. The resulting vapor expansion creates visible damage to the tree. The tree’s survival […]

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Health Plan
Transforming Coverage to Meet Healthcare Needs with SCAN Health Plan
June 7, 2023

John Petito, SVP of Transformation at SCAN Health Plan joins the podcast to share his story and how his work is helping enable new types of healthcare coverage for diverse populations. Join us to hear how Health Plans are beginning to evolve their approach to addressing the needs of older adults and the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Fighting Climate Change Isn’t Just About Green Energy, It’s Also About Green Energy Storage
May 24, 2023

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change, the search for efficient, renewable energy solutions has never been more urgent. A significant aspect of these challenges involves green energy storage, particularly as it pertains to accommodating the fluctuations in energy utilization. In the past few years, batteries have taken center […]

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Climate Change, Fact, Fiction or Fashion?
April 6, 2023

The past few years, there has been more focus on addressing climate change through key actions such as 100 percent zero-emission vehicle acquisition by 2035 and achieving net-zero emissions procurement by 2050. Why the sudden focus on these green initiatives, and is climate change really happening? Will new regulations have a detrimental impact on […]

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Hydrogen-powered flights are gaining traction. But are they really the future of aviation?
March 29, 2023

Earlier in March, Universal Hydrogen successfully completed a 15-minute voyage of a hydrogen-powered flight. The Dash 8-300 aircraft, which typically carries about 50 passengers, had to be redesigned in order to hold the engine — and over 65 pounds worth of liquid hydrogen. Now that hydrogen-powered flights are gaining traction, could they be the […]

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Is There a Clear Winner in the Debate Between Solar Cars and Electric Vehicles?
March 9, 2023

As the world works to lower greenhouse gas emissions, the debate between solar cars and electric vehicles is heating up. While electric vehicles are steadily gaining popularity, solar panel cars are a relatively new concept. So, how do they work? These vehicles are equipped with solar panels that absorb energy produced by the sun and […]

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As Consumers Go Green, How Can Alcohol Producers Make the Spirits Industry More Sustainable?
March 7, 2023

To the modern consumer, environmental footprint matters. Roughly 90% of Gen Z consumers surveyed in a recent First Insight study said they’d be willing to shell out extra money for sustainable products. Furthermore, Gen Zs were found to be highly influential among their extended circle of consumers, impacting the buying patterns of their parents […]

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Pipeline Operators Say They’ll Make Clean Energy Investments if the Government Continues Offering Tax Credits
March 3, 2023

Nothing sparks action like a bit of skin in the game. ‘Show me the money’ is a phrase that pays, and in the ESG world, tax credits are a great way to generate clean energy investments. 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) expands tax credits for industrial projects that capture, reuse or permanently store carbon dioxide. […]

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Addressing Food Insecurity in a Disrupted World
February 8, 2023

Climate change is undoubtedly playing a role in unpredictable weather phenomena around the globe. As the world becomes warmer, who is addressing food insecurity and what is being done to help protect food security? In this newest episode of DisruptED, host Ron J. Stefanski speaks with food security innovator, Rick Vanzura, the CEO of […]

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Why Are Electric Utilities Warming Up to Energy Grid Climate Goals?
December 6, 2022

In a surprising change of tune, the larger electric utilities industry is having an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” moment with climate change goals. Utilities’ energy grid climate goals are evolving, en masse, away from being an operational nuisance and a public diversion (while electric utilities pump funds into law firms and attorney […]

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Material Signs: Introduction to the World of Optics
January 21, 2022

Doctors Scott Carney, chief science and technology officer at Optica, Kate Medicus, CEO at Ruda-Cardinal, and Alexis Vogt, endowed chair and professor of optics at Monroe Community College, joined Host Tyler Kern for the very first podcast of Enpro’s Material Signs to talk about the world of optics and its impact on the world. Optics, […]

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