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Hotel Digitization and Mullet Travel Key to Hospitality Success in 2023

hotel digitization and mullet travel

The hospitality industry faced many challenges right after COVID, such as loss of income and labor shortages. However, the industry has demonstrated new ways to adapt to issues such as labor shortages by adding digitization to the customer experience and blending business and leisure into one, which has been coined “mullet travel.” How important…

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Software & Technology
The N50 Project — Facilitating Worldwide Connectivity for the Next 50 Percent of the Globe

Even in today’s digital era, connectivity remains an issue for many individuals. Studies have shown that most of the world has access to a 3G network (at minimum), yet 3.4 billion people choose not to connect to the internet. How are digital companies spurring the movement to connect those in the far-reaching corners of the…

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Partner Highlight: Steven Toups and Cleargistix

On this episode of Microbes At Work by JGL Solutions, we’re introducing you to Cleargistix, an excellent partner of JGL Solutions whose mission is to transform the oil and gas industry. Cleargistix and JGL Solutions share the same goal of providing innovative, sustainable and effective solutions to oil and gas organizations. Host Tyler Kern talked…

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Nokia Today
The Importance of Digitization in a Post-COVID World

America’s network landscape is quickly evolving thanks to new technologies like 5G. It is redefining the way we do business, learn and connect with each other. But we’re not there yet. A lot needs to happen, from the budget to build to the software to connect and the spectrum to support all use cases….

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Food & Beverage
Restaurants Enjoy Start of Post-Reopening Boom

Food is serious business. Now, on The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia will invite insiders on the front lines of food to share their expertise, strategies, and forecasts for navigating the ever-changing restaurant industry.   The Main Course always has a pulse on what’s next for the restaurant industry. For a look at the restaurant industry outlook for…

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Connected World
Connected World: The Latest Trends in the Test & Measurement Industry

Electronics’ increasing role in today’s society requires the assurance of reliability and functionality of such devices through test & measurement (T&M). Connected World tapped Ryan Chen, Global Product Manager, Board to Board, for TE Connectivity for updates and insights on the latest trends in the T&M industry. “Before electronics reach end-users, they must be…

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How to Modernize Technology in Higher Education

Thanks to the hard work of faculty and the dedication of students, college campuses are hotbeds for innovation and discovery. The internet, antibiotics, the Richter scale, and Google’s algorithm are just a handful of the innovations that have been created on university soil. But, when it comes to technology’s role in supporting innovative teaching and…

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Test Channel – BWConverting
July 17, 2024
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reviving education and cities
Reviving Education and Cities: A Conversation with Ron Stefanski
July 16, 2024

This episode of The Guide Post takes center stage in revitalizing education and cities, examining the transformative synergies between urban development and educational innovation. As cities like Detroit undergo monumental changes, the conversation explores the pivotal roles that education systems play in urban renewal. Notably, Detroit’s resurgence, underscored by the return of the NFL…

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Canadian Advanced Air Mobility
The Future of Transportation is Coming
July 15, 2024

As the aviation industry advances, Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) is spearheading the integration of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, drones, and other innovative technologies into Canadian airspace. The need for sustainable and efficient air transport solutions is more critical than ever. The stakes are high, with environmental impacts and economic opportunities…

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Why Hardwired Buttons Outperform Wearable Devices in School Safety
July 15, 2024

In a recent episode of “Secured” with hosts Mike Matranga and Mike Monsive, the conversation revolved around the evolution of safety systems in schools and wearable devices. The discussion highlighted the simplicity of understanding effective systems, using Buc-ee’s gas stations’ success, known for their clean restrooms, as an analogy for consistency and excellence. Matranga…

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Other Articles
Technology Always Changes. How Do You Best Teach It? with Mike Zanotto of Skyline ATS
March 13, 2019

The way that people eat, shop, and travel has been affected by technological advancements in substantial ways. Education, too, has transformed into a more fluid, digital counterpart. Why, then, does technology education, the courses or tools that assist professionals in learning the ins and outs of the new technology they’re using, often not take…

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