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Raul Reyeszumeta

Senior Director, Design

B2B Community Engagement Reinvented: Design Techniques Inspired by Online Learning and On-Demand Media Platforms

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, innovative design strategies are crucial for capturing the attention and engagement of B2B communities. Drawing inspiration from popular online learning platforms such as MasterClass, Coursera, and Domestika, as well as on-demand media platforms like Netflix and Apple TV+, can help businesses create content that resonates with their target audience. In this blog, we will explore how adopting design principles inspired by these platforms can enhance your B2B community engagement and leverage the expertise of your members.


Emphasize High-Quality, Engaging Content

Platforms like MasterClass and Coursera have built their reputations on delivering engaging, high-quality content that keeps users coming back for more. To capture your B2B community’s attention, create content that is informative, visually appealing, and easily consumable. Utilize storytelling techniques, incorporate multimedia elements, and break down complex topics into digestible pieces to encourage continuous consumption of your content.


Create an Intuitive User Experience

Successful online platforms prioritize user experience through intuitive design and personalized recommendations. Adopt a similar user-centric approach for your B2B community-generated content. Ensure that your content is easy to navigate, with clear headings, concise text, and a logical structure. Additionally, consider personalizing content recommendations based on user preferences and past interactions to deliver a tailored experience.


Unlock the Power of Community-Driven Visual Storytelling

Platforms like Domestika and Netflix have shown the effectiveness of visually engaging content. By encouraging your B2B community to contribute and share their own visuals, such as images, videos, and animations, you can foster authentic storytelling and create immersive experiences for your audience. This community-generated content not only adds a personal touch but also helps your brand’s message resonate more deeply with your target audience.


Foster Collaboration and Community Building

Platforms like Coursera and Domestika thrive on the sense of community they create among their users. Encourage interaction and collaboration within your B2B community by integrating social sharing features, enabling comments and discussions, and providing opportunities for user-generated content. This will foster a stronger sense of community and increase engagement with your content.


Showcase Experts and Thought Leaders

Online learning platforms feature content from industry experts and thought leaders. Leverage the expertise of your B2B community members by showcasing their knowledge, insights, and perspectives in your content. This not only adds credibility to your content but also helps build stronger connections within the community.



Adopting design principles inspired by popular online learning and on-demand media platforms can significantly enhance your B2B community engagement. By emphasizing high-quality, engaging content, creating an intuitive user experience, leveraging the power of visual storytelling, fostering collaboration and community building, and showcasing experts and thought leaders, you can create content that resonates with your target audience and drives lasting connections. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing these innovative design strategies and elevate your B2B community engagement.

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