Your B2B content is reaching its audience. You make sure of that – after all, you spent valuable time and resources creating it.

But can that audience relate to it? Does it affect change, inspire, empathize or move? Or is it just content?

On this podcast, host Tyler Kern and MarketScale Video Production Specialist Dylan Tidmore tackle the overarching question behind those concerns – how can empathy be introduced into B2B content?

Tidmore said most B2B content lacks that fundamental component of empathy, leaving a sizable gap between the finished product and its ability to leverage empathy to connect to an audience on a real, genuine and human level.

“I came into B2B marketing pretty green to the whole environment. … One of the fundamental aspects of filmmaking, regardless of what market you’re in or the industry, is the emotion, the human aspect and the empathy,” Tidmore said. “Coming into B2B marketing, obviously, there are some very specific goals a lot of companies have – selling a product or service, but what I’ve found that is missing a lot of the time is the human connection.”

Still, though an injection of empathy may seem intangible and difficult to nail down at first blush, not all is lost.

By changing the way you perceive B2B content and working to approach subjects and interviewees with an empathetic and open mindset, you can inject emotion into something inherently emotionless.