The Weekly Scale: April 5th 2021

This week at MarketScale, we looked at the future of AI in career growth with Silicon Valley, sat down with giants of education, and dug into the supply chain’s biggest logistical road blocks.

Gear up for April showers. It’s the start of a new week, and it’s time to scale up.

When the pandemic reduced building occupancy across the commercial building landscape, clients looked to reduce capital expenditures as much as possible. But, as more occupants return to these spaces in 2021, roof considerations will once again become an issue.

This week on Roof Talks by Fortis Warranty, Jeff Gerwig, National Engineering Manager at Colliers International, joined the podcast to discuss how they are working with landlords for resources and alternatives as they start looking at costs they put off last year.

One of the biggest fears surrounding AI is that it will replace jobs faster than it can create new ones. But one Silicon Valley leader rejects that fear and sees AI as a path for career growth.

Muddu Sudhakar joined In the Cloud to share how the future of chatbots and digital assistants will be able to take the mundane, lower level interactions away, allowing employees to focus on higher level projects earlier in their career.

There is good reason that Myles Hunter,  Co-founder of TutorMe, was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only community for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger.

Hunter sat down with the host of EdTech Today, Kevin Hogan, to outline how has the potential to further transform higher education.

There has been a lot of attention on our country’s infrastructure this week — and just how dire the situation has beome.

The Voice of B2B was joined by David Powell, Vice President of Moving and Relocation at Montway Auto Transport, to explore how the poor conditions of our road systems causes problems with the supply chain.

No, ghost kitchens don’t mean haunted restaurants. On this week’s MarketScale Roundtable, we’ll explore how restaurants should evaluate being able to fully open to pre-pandemic levels. Will the digital element be here to stay? If my DoorDash account is any indication, then yes.

The panel will include:

Izzy Kharasch – Taffer Dynamics Inc

Jay Fiske – Powerhouse Dynamics

Joe Heaney – Lotus Biosecurity

Make sure to follow along for future roundtables. We will also be checking out the future of hotels on April 12th.

I’ll be back next Monday for The Weekly Scale but, until then, if you know of a story that you want us to cover, let us know with the hashtag B2BNeverSleeps.

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