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Trends in Pet and Animal Wellbeing

  Nutrition, supplements, and wellness are the foundation for a healthy human life. And that trend is now leaking into our pets and animal health. According to a recent Pet Age report, “a pet’s health and wellness is a three-dimensional sphere that includes several interdependent parts including a high-quality diet, regular exercise, routine veterinary care, […]

Digestible: Why Your Microbiome Matters for Sports and Active Nutrition

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are known for taking care of their bodies while pushing themselves to continuously strive to improve their performance. To support this lifestyle, individuals need to take care of themselves in and out of the gym and sports arena. From proper nutrition and sleep to taking care of sore muscles and injuries, […]

Clinical Results Show Germination of the Probiotic DE111

  Numerous studies have already proven that Deerland’s probiotic DE111 is beneficial to human gut health, elevating digestive health, regularity, immune health, cardiovascular health, sports performance, body composition, and more. However, a recent study revealed even more exciting news. DE111 does indeed germinate within the human intestine, meaning it can provide benefits from both the […]

How to Offer Effective Probiotic Industry Education

  Industries that involve scientific topics have barriers associated with relevant information – in both accessing it and understanding it. These challenges to education, however, can be overcome with the right path. That’s true for the probiotic industry, as healthcare and food and beverage professionals try to make the right decisions based on accurate data. […]

Hope Begins with Food Security

Food insecurity is a major challenge in America today, as almost one in five children lives in poverty. The effects of limited food access can break bonds within families and have long-term negative impacts on children’s emotional, mental and bodily health. Through the Family First philanthropy effort, Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes has partnered with Gift […]

How a Healthy Gut Impacts Children’s Health

Gut health influences overall wellness. Study after study proves this point, and probiotics are useful in cultivating the healthiest gut. But how does this work for children? Discussing gut health in children, Digestible brings you a conversation with John Deaton, VP of Science and Technology for Deerland, and Dr. Jernej Dolinsek, part of the Pediatric Gastroenterology […]

Digestible: The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Consumers Focused on Their Guts

  The year 2020 brought with it the coronavirus pandemic, and it has many people thinking harder than ever about their immune system. Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes is always thinking about immune health, however, and Vice President of Marketing & Strategy Sam Michini said the company was ready for the increased demand it’s seeing as a […]

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The Secret Science To Harnessing the Power of Probiotics using Prebiotics

  Whether you prefer yogurt, kimchi, kefir, or kombucha, probiotics are all around us. But how do we really harness the benefits of this good bacteria, and capitalize on consuming foods that keep us healthy? The answer — Prebiotics. Tackling the science, consumer habits, and marketing behind prebiotics in this episode of the MarketScale Sciences […]

Digestible: Getting the Industry On Board with Enzyme Supplements, with John Davidson of Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes

  Good digestion is important, and a lot of products in the that marketplace benefiting gut health include probiotics and enzymes. How is this marketplace responding to an increased interest from consumers? John Davidson is the Director of Innovation and Education for Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes. Davidson, a 30-year veteran of the enzyme supplement industry, […]