Engineering Experience by Paragon Innovations

Navigating the Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Joe Piccirilli, Founder and CEO of RoseWater Energy Group, and Mike Wilkinson, Founder, General Manager, and Vice President of Paragon Innovations, joined forces for a special combined episode of their respective podcasts’ Engineering Experience and The Next Generation of Energy to address the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage impacting their industry. Wilkinson wasn’t going to sugarcoat […]

All Things IoT

  The IoT ecosystem is accelerating, with innovation moving forward rapidly. It has applications in many industries, and those use cases will be at the forefront of the 2021 Works With Conference hosted by Silicon Labs. On Engineering Experience, host Tyler Kern spoke with Keith Nesrsta, Regional Sales Manager at Silicon Labs, and Paragon Innovations […]

Contemporary Looks at Classic Designs Can Spur New Life in Engineering

On this episode of Engineering Experience by Paragon Innovations, host Tyler Kern talked with Brewster Waddell, CEO of TH Waddell Designs, Bob Landers, VP of Engineering at TH Waddell Designs, and Mike Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Paragon Innovations. The group talked about an invention by Waddell’s father, Theodore. The table lamps designed by Theodore […]

Engineering Experience: Technology’s Role in the Future of Banking

Engineering can involve any industry, and Engineering Experience is all about bringing those unique stories to listeners. Host Tyler Kern and Paragon CEO Mike Wilkinson spoke with Chris Debrecht, Owner and COO of Tempo Financial Solutions, about his company’s partnership with Paragon. Tempo specializes in hardware and software for cash automation, serving big and small […]

Bringing IoT Solutions to the Great Outdoors

Ray Dikun, Director of Technology at Plano Synergy, has a career in telecom that’s taken him around the globe throughout the past 30 years. From Motorola to RIM, Dikun’s seen the digital evolution up close and is one of its creators. Dikun joined Mike Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Paragon Innovations, and host Tyler Kern […]

Works With Virtual Conference on September 9-10, 2020

Calling all engineers: The Works With Virtual Conference by Silicon Labs happens September 9-10, 2020. This free virtual event will bring together industry leaders, hardware engineers, application designers and developers for the largest smart home event dedicated to integrating smart home application designs with any hub or smart home ecosystem. Keith Nesrsta, South-Central Regional Sales […]

Engineering Experience: The Story of Finding A Perfect Technology Development Partner

Ron Farmer called up Paragon Innovations. He wanted to set up a lunch meeting. When the crew at Paragon received him warmly and started checking their calendar, he had to clarify. No, like, now. Luckily, there was a table available at Red Lobster, and Farmer, the CEO of US LED, started a relationship that would […]

Engineering Experience: How STEM Start-Ups Are Still Finding Funding in Spite of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has hit nearly everyone in the pocket, not least of which those looking to fund a start-up. Yet, now may be the perfect time to invest for those able to put money into a product or solution. That’s why competitions like the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition are taking on increased importance […]

How cellular technology is moving beyond the device in your pocket

Almost everyone has a cellphone in their pocket, able to access information and communicate with other phones no matter where they are – close to a WiFi hot spot or not. So why aren’t there more things connected to that network as well? The regulations keeping much of those “Internet of Things” devices off cellular […]