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Forum Mobility’s Plans for 2023

Trucking is transporting goods by road using large vehicles, such as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles. The trucking industry plays a vital role in the economy by moving goods from manufacturers to retailers and consumers. Truck drivers are responsible for operating these vehicles and delivering goods on time and in good condition. Tune in […]

Rethinking Recruiting: Automate for a Better Driver Hiring Experience

  The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many industries through rapid change, one of which was transportation, an industry which was already reeling from a worker shortage. Now, as companies begin to recover from global supply chain setbacks, they are faced with a new dilemma: where are all the drivers? With the shortage of drivers estimated to […]

Making Sure OO Voices Are Heard Regarding AB5

  The AB5 law in California isn’t exactly brand new, but it is still creating quite the buzz. Host Gabrielle Bejarano invited the Director of Legislative Affairs for OOIDA, Bryce Mongeon onto the show to discuss AB5 and how it’s playing out for the trucker community.   AB5, under California law, helps to describe and detail […]

Where ZEEM fits into the Trucking and Drayage Industry

In this episode of Resources for the Road, host Gabrielle Bejarano sat down with Paul Gioupis, CEO of ZEEM Solutions. The two discuss how Gioupis got into the trucking industry, as well as where ZEEM fits into the trucking and drayage industry as a whole.  “We started focusing on areas that we knew were going […]

Getting into Driving Shape Through Supply Chain Fitness

Driving for a living can take a physical toll on the body. Dr. Mark Manera, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, saw this toll first-hand through many of his professional driver physical therapy clients. Dr. Manera decided to utilize his rehab and fitness knowledge to make a difference for those in the trucking industry.    […]

How Spartan Radar is Improving Driver Assistance Systems

“I hope you aren’t watching this while driving,” said Robert Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at Spartan Radar. Spartan Radar is a California-based company started by brilliant minds who built radar systems and planes in the Air Force. “They brought their skills to the automotive industry,” said Brown. Spartan’s work focuses on improving driver assistance systems […]

Resources for the Road: Trucking at Ports

Matt Schrap, CEO of Harbor Trucking Association, doesn’t drive trucks for a living, but he knows all the regulations and rules of the road that govern them. The Harbor Trucking Association is a coalition of intermodal carriers serving America’s West Coast Ports, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, and Tacoma. Schrap spent the better […]

How to Improve the Carrier Selection Process

Choosing the right carrier for transporting goods can be tricky, but it is now a much easier task thanks to Carrier Assure, a new software platform created by CEO Cassandra Gaines. Using her experience as a “trucking attorney” in the transportation industry, Gaines created Carrier Assure to provide shippers and brokers with a new and […]

Today’s Trends in Trucking and Supply Chain

Today’s Trends in Trucking and Supply Chain

  When it comes to global supply chain issues, there is no greater source than FreightWaves, the largest media and market-level data provider in the logistics and supply-chain industry. Tyler Kern welcomed Craig Fuller, CEO & Founder of FreightWaves, to Resources for the Road for a brain-picking session on what’s happening in logistics today, and […]

How to Successfully Transition to EV Fleets

How to Successfully Transition to EV Fleets

The importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions continues to make headline news. One of the easiest ways to do this is by transitioning traditional vehicles to all-electric vehicles and one industry that has the ability to make a significant impact in a short period of time is commercial transportation vehicles that operate on diesel fuel. […]

Resources for the Road by NEXT Trucking: Introducing R4R

With global logistics a hot topic now more than ever, Corey Riggins of NEXT Trucking sits down with host Tyler Kern to talk about NEXT Trucking’s new podcast series and how technology can change the trucking industry. What is NEXT Trucking? NEXT is a technology platform that helps connect drivers with customers while helping carriers […]