Sounds Like Success with Atlas IED


Sounds Like Success: The Latest Trends in Airports and the Transportation Industry

Industries change and evolve. That formula is nothing new. But what happens when everything about an industry faces an upheaval due to a pandemic? One of the industries most impacted by COVID-19 was transportation. Dave Moriarty, Senior Systems Specialist for Transportation with AtlasIED, and Olivier Savoie, International Sales Manager with AtlasIED, have seen many changes […]

Elevating and Innovating Communication in K-12 Classrooms

  Education is on everyone’s mind, as this fall’s back-to-school season looks different in every way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AtlasIED’s Michael Peveler, Vice President of Sales, and Michael Yonks, Regional Sales Manager for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, spoke about the challenges facing K-12 schools and districts and how AtlasIED’s solutions can make […]

Sounds Like Success: AV Hardware and Network Needs in the Transportation Industry

The technology solutions for the transportation industry are hyper-specialized. AV needs for public transit can differ from other markets. AtlasIED’s Chris Deatrick, Product Manager, and Justin Young, General Manager, lent their expertise in software engineering and industry focus to help unpack the needs, and provide solutions for various transportation sectors. When the focus is on […]

The Next Generation of Communication Ecosystems for Healthcare

Justin Young, General Manager, AtlasIED, and Thomas Ahern, Engineered Solution & Service Manager, AtlasIED, know the importance of announcement and communication networks for healthcare systems. They were excited for the opportunity to discuss AtlasIED’s enterprise-wide communication ecosystem, GLOBALCOM.IP®️. “GLOBALCOM.IP is a network-based announcement and messaging controller,” Young said. “It can coordinate different audio-input sources and […]

Sounds Like Success: The State of the Union for the AV Industry

  COVID-19’s impact on businesses across the globe is widespread. To provide context on how the Pro AV space is dealing with the crisis, Gina Sansivero, VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications, AtlasIED, and Michael Peveler, VP of Sales, AtlasIED recently joined Sounds Like Success for an industry update. Sansivero and Peveler agree that one of […]

Why You Should Think Locally When You Build Globally

  The nature of good business is growth. When that growth expands to new countries, there are a few very specific challenges that await. On this episode of the Sounds Like Success podcast, Dean Standing, International Sales Manager for AtlasIED, sat down with Sean Heath and they discussed the challenges of expanding into new countries. […]

Sounds Like Success: Carefully Building on a Good Reputation

  The benefits of developing a good reputation are immense. The challenge comes when a company needs to evolve their offerings. On this episode of Sounds Like Success, Tom Lureman, Director of Engineering and Product Management for AtlasIED, and Steve Clay, Engineering Program Manager sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the challenges of redefining […]