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DeLorean is Back…Actually They Never Left Us!

The forthcoming debut of the latest DeLorean iteration is discussed on the latest episode of “Are We There Yet?”. Host Grant Harrell talked with the automaker’s Chief Marketing Read more


How Teach for America Brings Diversity in Education to Houston Schools
August 12, 2022
Teach for America has been a cornerstone in creating more educators for the nation. The nonprofit founded in 1989 operates in more than two dozen regions across the country and introduces commitment Read more
The Tips Restaurants Need to Avoid Scammers and Extortionists
August 12, 2022
If restaurants didn’t already have enough to deal with during this pandemic, scheming scammers have cooked up an elaborate plot to target them with negative reviews. According to CBS News, there’s Read more
US Inflation Forecasts Marked Higher for 2023, Survey Shows
August 12, 2022
(Bloomberg) -- Economists boosted their inflation estimates for each quarter in 2023, a potentially worrying sign for Federal Reserve policymakers trying to keep price expectations anchored. The personal Read more
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What the Data Says About Innovation in American Schools
May 9, 2019
Innovation is a prevalent buzzword in schools – but what exactly does it mean for education? Do principals and teachers prioritize innovation equally? What drives innovation in schools, and Read more
What Ed Tech Professionals Need to Look For in 2019
January 9, 2019
As educators return to school refreshed from the holiday break, the exciting new developments they can expect for education technology in 2019 are at the forefront of their minds. Last year saw Read more
How Teachers Connect With Students One Data Point at a Time
December 19, 2018
Today’s teachers use a mounting number of technology-based tools to get their jobs done. A single teacher may take attendance using a learning management system, have students complete a warm-up Read more
Can These EdTech Entrepreneurs Change American Education Forever?
November 29, 2018
Assessing Change It is no secret that even after decades of federal intervention and billions spent on grant funding programs like Title 1, low-income students, and often students of color, in Read more
How Teachers Use Tech to Get Personal
November 19, 2018
To some teachers, the word “differentiation” is misconstrued to mean creating a different lesson plan for every individual student or spending unrealistic amounts of one-on-one time tutoring Read more
Experience, Technology Highlight 2018 EdTechTeacher Summit in Boston
November 9, 2018
This year’s second EdTechTeacher Summit brought teachers and other education professionals together from all over the country to the Revere Hotel in Boston, Mass. for two days of hands-on Read more
Video Games and Education: An Unlikely, but Sensible Partnership
November 1, 2018
Though parents and educators have long denounced video games as a waste of time, esports, or competitive play of popular video games such as Overwatch and League of Legends, is now considered a Read more