How Your Personal Brand is Your Ticket To Success

Education is the highest form of marketing. Shannon Maverick sets on out on a quest to speak with business leaders from around B2B to better understand how they are utilizing education with their customers.


Branding isn’t just for large, well-known companies that have name recognition. Individuals need a personal brand, no matter their industry or role. Offering insights and tips on building a persona brand, Maverick of Marketing host Shannon Maverick welcomed Jamie Kernohan, CEO of GVC Marketing. Kernohan is a marketer, speaker, professor, and coach. She started her career working for agencies, learning about branding from some of the world’s most well-known companies.

“It’s about how to market yourself. What’s your value prop? What do have to offer or solve a problem?” -Jamie Kernohan

Kernohan believes that everybody needs marketing, even if the person isn’t a marketer. She shared an anecdote about a past student. “He said he didn’t need marketing because he was going to be a doctor. My response was to ask him how he would get a job at a hospital and stand out.”

In this example, Kernohan proved the point that marketing is a key aspect of any person’s brand. “It’s about how to market yourself. What’s your value prop? What do have to offer or solve a problem?”

In sharing how to build a personal brand, Kernohan follows her three Cs. “First is community; how will you add value to it. Second is consistency, which is hard, but it’s posting, talking, and communicating every day. Third is content. Everyone has something to add.”

Kernohan noted that investing in one’s self is always a good thing. “My advice to students and professionals is to talk to someone new every month. Start a community, and create your professional brand on LinkedIn; it’s the best profile to be taken seriously about your career.”

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