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Using Community-Generated Content to Build Engagement

Community-generated content (CGC) is a powerful tool for building a sense of community and encouraging engagement around your media content. By featuring content created by your community, you can create a more personal and authentic connection with your viewers while also encouraging them to engage with your brand and share their own stories.

What is Community-Generated Content?

Community-generated content is any content that is created by your community, for your community. CGC is typically created by fans or customers who are passionate about your brand or product, and want to share their experiences with others.

Why is Community-Generated Content Important?

Community-generated content is important for several reasons. First, it provides social proof and validation for your brand or product. When people see others sharing their experiences and positive feedback, it can help build trust and credibility in your brand.

Second, CGC is often more authentic and personal than brand-created content. It allows your audience to see real people using your products or services, which can be more relatable and engaging.

Finally, CGC can help foster a sense of community and encourage engagement among your audience. By featuring CGC on your channel or social media pages, you can create a platform for your community-members to share their own stories and connect with others who share their interests.

A great example of a company with a thriving community because of community-generated content is Yeti, the popular outdoor and lifestyle brand. Yeti’s YouTube page is packed with content spotlighting their community and showcasing their customers’ experiences with their products. By creating content with the people who love their products, Yeti not only creates a sense of community around their brand, but also establishes trust and credibility. Yeti has successfully created a loyal community of fans who feel valued and appreciated because their stories are being told and shared by Yeti.

How to Use Community-Generated Content to Foster Community and Encourage Engagement

  1. Encourage CGC: One of the best ways to leverage CGC is to encourage your members to create and share content related to your brand or product. This can include running a social media contest or asking your fans to share their experiences using your products or services.
  2. Feature CGC on Your Channel: Once you have CGC, feature it prominently on your channel or social media pages. This can include creating a dedicated CGC playlist or showcasing CGC in your video descriptions or social media posts.
  3. Interact with CGC: Interaction can be a powerful tool for building community. When your audience creates and shares CGC, be sure to interact with them. This can include commenting on their posts, thanking them for sharing, or reposting their content on your channel or social media pages.
  4. Use CGC in Your Content: Another way to leverage CGC is to incorporate it into your content. This can include featuring CGC in your videos or creating a CGC montage to showcase your communities’ stories.
  5. Provide Feedback and Recognition: Finally, be sure to provide feedback and recognition to your audience when they create CGC. This can include highlighting the best CGC on your channel or social media pages, or featuring community-generated reviews or testimonials in your marketing materials.

Community-generated content is a powerful tool for creating a more personal and authentic connection with your community members, while also encouraging them to engage with your brand and share their own stories. Start your journey towards a thriving community by creating community-generated content today!

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