White Castle Adds AI-Powered Robots to the Kitchen: Business Casual

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Reminiscent of Rosie the Robot, the robotic housekeeper in the 60’s era space-aged The Jetson’s cartoon, Flippy the frying (and grilling) robot is set to make its debut this September at White Castle, the country’s first fast food burger chain (established in 1921). Created by Miso Robotics and first unveiled in 2018, Flippy is the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant, boasting IoT compatibility, cloud-based monitoring and learning, and auto tool switching capabilities that enable it to not only work the grill or fryer, but also self-clean and work collaboratively with kitchen staff, too. While Flippy has cooked more than 40,000 pounds of fried food—including 9,000 sandwiches at LA’s Dodger Stadium, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field, and two CaliBurger locations—White Castle has been in collaboration with Miso for over a year now, aiming to get Flippy on a ROAR (robot on a rail) system at a select location to seamlessly shift between the burger griddle and the oil fryer while allowing restaurant employees to focus more on hospitality instead.

Could this robotic development be the automated solution the food industry is seeking, particularly during pandemic-driven labor challenges, increased delivery demand, and contactless consumer preferences? In this snippet of Business Casual, find out what co-hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern think as they discuss the proliferation of automation in the food industry and the future possibilities if Flippy’s trial run at White Castle is a success.

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