Daniel Wagstaff says


Retail shopping before the age of the Internet was a grand event. It meant heading out to socialize and relax with friends while catching up on life happenings. Today, as we have taken to doing these pastimes on the Internet, brick-and-mortar retail stores are having to adjust.

What will bring modern customers into stores, and how can they secure their loyalty to come back? The answer–a curated, personalized shopping experience. To better understand this wired-in audience and their desires, retail stores are getting help from companies like Pocketstop. CEO of Pocketstop, Daniel Wagstaff dives deep into how collecting relevant data from shoppers can create a seamless VIP shopping experience.

This customized experience is precisely what contemporary customers crave. Pocketstop helps distill safely collected public data into relevant information, and then apply actionable marketing strategies that get customers in the store and keep them there.

Wagstaff describes the VIP customer experience, a data-personalized experience, as a “win-win.” The consumer wants to buy products catered for them while the store seeks to fulfill the customer’s exact needs. Data helps both parties achieve their goals. Wagstaff points out, “America isn’t slowing down on shopping.” Indeed, brick and mortar stores are not dying–They’re just undergoing a revolution.

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