Welcome back to another Bricks and Clicks podcast! Today, I’m interviewing Erin Phillips of Pinckney Palm, a social media agency out of North Carolina.

When I have questions about social media marketing, advertising and content creation, she’s my go-to-gal.

Today, we’re talking about Instagram’s dominating viewing presence, Facebook relevance and what the heck TikTok is.

I learned so many new things just during our recording, like how I can take my content calendar, use one new piece of content I create, and slice it into IGTV and IG / FB Stories, add a carousel of pictures to my feed, then hop on over to LinkedIn and show the behind-the-scenes for other business owners on how I did it!

TikTok Mini Course $15 https://www.pinckneypalm.com/shop/tiktokcourse

Weekly Social Media Planning Notepad $20 https://www.pinckneypalm.com/shop/weekly-social-media-planning-notepad

Social Media Help https://www.pinckneypalm.com/services

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Here is the link on how to request access to Instagram Shopping: https://www.facebook.com/business/instagram/shopping/guide

Stay tuned for a new episode every other Thursday!