Lately, the conversation in retail has been heavily weighted toward who’s going to make it and who’s on the retail ropes. But if links in the supply chain are broken, none of it matters because products never make it to market! Lynne Sprugel has been building those links throughout her career for retailers like J.C. Penney and Academy Sports. Now, as founder and CEO of Abuzz Global, she provides expansive strategic planning resources and cross-functional supply training to retailers, manufacturers, and other retail stakeholders. In this Spieckerman Speaks Retail interview episode, Carol and Lynne discuss shifts in the supply chain – many of which were cranking up long before the corona crisis – and where things go from here.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  1. Three shifts shaping supply chain strategy
  2. The future of domestic manufacturing
  3. Best practices and pitfalls of private brand development
  4. Exciting developments on the sustainability front

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Additional resources
The Current State of the Supply Chain” lecture with Lynne Sprugel and Dr. Sri Beldona

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